Photo Captures LeBron Flipping Off Akron Man

I’ve got another pathetic tale involving LeBron James in Vegas last weekend to tell you about - though this time it won’t be spiked by the site hosting it.

LeBron James flips off fan from Akron in Vegas PHOTO

(Bird blurred in video)

Cleveland’s FOX 8 reports today that LeBron James flipped off an Akron man ran into the NBA player at a Vegas nightclub last weekend.

Last weekend, DJ Fig, from Mix 94.1 in Akron, was at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas. Early Monday morning, he spotted LBJ and his entourage partying at a nightclub.

As he took out his camera to snap a picture, the deejay said LeBron gave him the finger.

“I said ‘Hey, Akron still loves you man,’ and he gave the bird as you see in the picture,” said DJ Fig.

Apparently DJ Fig is a glutton for punishment, as that wasn’t the end of his requests of James that night. Read more…

Boston-Lakers: 5,000 Khloe Masks Given To Fans

A Boston-based website called distributed 5,000 Khloe Kardashian masks to fans before Game 3 of the NBA Finals at TD Garden in Boston on Tuesday night.

Khloe Kardashian Mask Lakers Celtics In Boston NBA Finals

Kardashian purports herself as the wife of Lamar Odom, though the marriage may actually be staged for Kardashian’s reality shows. The couple has reportedly not signed legal documents making the union legally binding.

Khloe Kardashian Mask Lakers Celtics In Boston NBA Finals

Despite the tribute, Kardashian won’t be at the game tonight. Read more…

Odom: ‘Extra Security’ Needed In Bean For Khloe

More NBA Finals fodder for you: Lamar Odom crying to Kevin Ding of the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER about the Boston crowd during the 2008 NBA Finals:

(But Lakers fans … no worries!)

“They gave it to my kids last time in Boston,” Odom said, refraining from repeating what was said to his children.

Odom said that has him wondering whether it’ll be safe for his wife, reality-show personality Khloe Kardashian, to attend Games 3, 4 and perhaps 5 of the 2010 NBA Finals in Boston.

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Sager Finally Clowns Someone Else: Stoudemire

After Lamar Odom scored 19 points and grabbed 19 rebounds in the Lakers’ Game 1 Western Conference Finals win over the Suns 128-107 Monday, Amare Stoudemire said of Odom’s performance, “He had a lucky game in Game 1.”

Wednesday’s Game 2 saw Odom  score 17 points with 11 rebounds, four assists and three steals as the Lakers won 124-112 to take a 2-0 lead in the series. After the game, circus-suited Craig Sager cornered Stoudemire about his earlier, unfortunate choice of words.
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Inbound Brass: Matt Barnes’ Fake At Kobe’s Face

Matt Barnes was Orlando’s designated instigator against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers Sunday. Exhibit A.:

Matt Barnes fakes pass towards Kobe Bryants face

(Greatest fake since Lamar Odom’s marriage)

In case you think that’s just the angle the video was shot from, here’s the video. Read more…

Khloe Has Reckless Disregard For All Of Humanity

I hope that Taco Bell commercial for Lamar Odom was worth it.

Lamar Odom Khloe Kardashian Fake Marriage a Scam All Along

(Tragic: If only I was merely talking about the show)

Last week E! promoted an upcoming episode of Khloe Kardashian’s reality show by touting her pseudo scheme to prevent Odom from cheating on her while he’s on the road.

The idea that she pitched to the show’s producers for inclusion in the script her friend? A solo sex tape Odom can take on the road. (Three words for L.O.: Dont. Check. It.)

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More Fake Than Odom Marriage? His Commercial

Lamar Odom is officially back in my good graces after his participation in perhaps the finest commercial ever aired involving an athlete 95 percent of the audience doesn’t know.

Lamar Odom Powerbar Commercial Dunking On The Moon

(Why Lamar? Lotsa experience dunking on a moon. Face.)

I’ve not a single qualm.

Read more…

Khloe: Odom’s ‘Better Personal Hygiene Than Me’

OK Magazine once again illustrates the joys of an athlete taking out tabloid trash:

Khloe: Odom has better personal hygiene than me

At least she’s got her acting chops to fall back on.

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Please Indulge Me On a Khloe Preggo-MTO Post

That bastion of journalist integrity,, blared this morning a “world exclusive” that Khloe Odom is officially pregnant, with this photo as evidence:


Media Take Out Photo Of Pregnant Khloe Odom From October just RECEIVED WORD - Khloe Kardashian IS PREGNANT!!! Word is that she’ll be making an announcement about it VERY shortly!!!

Congrats to her and Lamar!!

MTO also rewards us with a one of its patently amusing doctored photos - replete with  obligatory opaque URL strip right through the pic’s middle.

Clearl Fabulous Broke Khloe Odom Pregnancy In October

One small detail: the photo posted by MTO is well over two months old, and several blogs posted it at the time - while also referencing pregnancy. Read more…

Odom Photoshopped Into Kardashians Xmas Card

I’m pleased to present the 2010 Kardashian Family Christmas Card. What a lovely photo!

Lamar Odom photoshopped into Kardashian Christmas Card

Funny, Kim doesn’t mention that Lamar Odom missed the shoot, as his presence in the shot is obviously via an alarmingly clumsy photoshop job.

Exhibit A:

Lamar Odom photoshopped into Kardashian Family Christmas Card

Exhibit B:

Lamar Odom photoshopped into Kardashian Family Christmas Card Read more…