Wife Behind ‘Melo’s Continental Divide In Denver?

Why has Carmelo Anthony suddenly decided that he wants out of the Denver Nuggets organization?

La La Vazquez

(Carmelo Anthony’s wife LaLa Vasquez)

Nothing has changed to suggest that the Nuggets won’t remain as an elite team this season - so long as Anthony remains on the roster. In fact, the club figures to have a better chance to go deeper in the playoffs thanks to the inspirational comeback of their cancer-stricken coach, George Karl.

With that in mind, why did Anthony turn down a $65 million contract offer from the Nuggets in June and reportedly make known through his reps that he desired a trade - only to the New York or L.A. markets?

In the past week, there’s been a colossal amount of coverage involving Anthony’s trade prospects, but very little indication of why Denver apparently has little-to-no choice but to trade him.

LaLa Vasquez

Though there are some pretty striking clues to what triggered Anthony’s intentions. Read more…

LeBron Booked NY Trip For Reality Show Wedding

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