Ex-#1 MLB Pick Cut After Tossing Lacrosse Player

One-time #1 overall pick Matt Bush has been set free by the San Diego Padres so he can pursue his apparent first love: getting drunk and hitting things. Gotta chase the dream, y’know?

Bush plead guilty to crimes related to being publicly intoxicated and swinging his fists in 2004 (when he was 18) and got into another brawl during spring training last year. But nothing can top the latest allegations that gave the Padres the excuse they desired to cut him loose and make room for Cliff Floyd (no kidding).

Matt Bush

El Cajon, CA, police are currently investigating claims that Bush (for reasons left to the imagination) drove his Mercedes to Granite Hills High School, flung a golf club at a boys’ lacrosse player, picked up another player and flung him to the ground, and swung at a third player. (Ironically, this would be the first hit he’s had in three years.)

Then, in a coda Keith Hernandez could be proud of, Bush allegedly shouted, “I’m Matt (fill-in-the-blank) Bush!” and “(cussing-Mad-Lib) East County!” before leaping into his car, driving up over a curb, and exiting stage left. We expect comment from the East County Tourist Board by close of business today.
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