Wife Victoria Blocks Beckham’s Boobiful Interview

In a bid to keep his good standing with the English National Team, David Beckham has blown off the L.A. Galaxy for AC Milan, which will hold an introductory news conference for Beckham tomorrow.

David Beckham Ilaria D'Amico bikini photo

The original plan though wasn’t for a free-for-all presser. The Italian team was counting on having Beckham sit for an one-on-one interview with an Italian sports presenter named Ilaria D’Amico.

Ilaria D'Amico Bikini Photos

But the LONDON DAILY MAIL reports that once Beckham’s wife Victoria got wind of the plan, she spiked the interview after “doing research on the internet” about the stunning, leggy brunette. (Yeah, that’s a healthy relationship.)

Ilaria D'Amico Bikini Photos

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Beckham Merch That Makes Sense: Garbage Cans

LA Galaxy fans, you’ve just watched your team give up three goals in a loss to Toronto FC, who can only score if you’re counting their fans and they can only score because they’re schnockered to their Canadian gills. It’s killing you. You just want to find a way to start over. So print out the game story (because it won’t be in the TIMES; ha!), wad it up, and toss it…

David Beckham wastebasket

…into your David Beckham garbage can. If it’s rubbish, it’s David Beckham.
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