USC To Keep Fighting On At The L.A. Coliseum

Guess those threats to move to the Rose Bowl on a more permanent basis were just that, as the L.A. TIMES reports that USC and the Coliseum Commission have come to a tentative agreement that will keep the Trojans at their home stadium for this season and beyond.

USC at the Coliseum

The deal, if approved by a vote of the commission today, will keep the team at the Coliseum for the next 25 years, plus give the school veto power over any move of an NFL team into the stadium (which isn’t going to happen because the NFL wants no part of the Coliseum; how long will it take the Commission’s members to get that through their heads?)

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L.A. Coliseum Commissioners Receiving Death Threats Over USC Talks Impasse

LA COLISEUM BOARD MEMBERS RECEIVING DEATH THREATS: USC’s attempted threats to move out of the L.A. Coliseum and into the Rose Bowl have become a laugh and a half in La-La-Land. But some people aren’t finding it funny:

L.A. Coliseum

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that members of the Coliseum’s governing board have been receiving death threats and other unpleasant messages from fans angry over the talks impasse.Commission members claim many of the complaints were encouraged by a posting on USC’s website.

The haggling and arguing come down to a matter of control. The Trojans want a master lease to the stadium as its primary tenant. The commission wants to keep the park available for additional events, like soccer matches, and are even holding out hopes for the return of the NFL.

USC Coliseum Vote

The state of California, who owns the Coliseum land, is calling on officials to come to a quick agreement. But it really remains to be seen if the Trojans will follow in the footsteps of the Rams and Raiders and walk away from Exposition Park.At least the Dodgers will be back - for one whole game.

USC Coliseum Critic Praised The Stadium Last Year

CRUMMY COLISEUM WAS JUST FINE FOR USC A YEAR AGO: As the Trojans horse around with the idea of playing home games at the Rose Bowl, Scott Wolf of INSIDE USC weighs in on the SoCal shenanigans.

SbB Cecillia LA Coliseum

USC general counsel Todd Dickey complained on Tuesday how the L.A. Coliseum was in need of physical upgrades and “preventative maintenance” - in case things get shaken up by future quakes.Yet last October, Dickey was all aglow about the Trojans’ home field, saying, “It’s a great college football stadium. It was earthquake retro-fitted in the mid-’90s and should be good to go for decades.”

But Wolf wants to hear from the public about this matter, so he’s set up a poll asking fans where should USC play next season. The results so far:

USC Coliseum Vote

If the Trojans do move their games from across the street to across town, Scott predicts a compromise: UCLA will allow USC to lease the Rose Bowl, “provided USC lets UCLA lease Pete Carroll on game days.”

USC Makes Fake Threat To Move To Coliseum, Thanks To L.A. Times

LA TIMES SOMEHOW BUYS USC ROSE BOWL-MOVE THREAT: The LOS ANGELES TIMES makes the uproarious decision this week to report that the USC Trojans are considering moving home football games to the Rose Bowl (also home of UCLA, and a 30 minute jaunt from USC) because the school is getting pushback on an attempt to take over operation of the L.A. Coliseum.

Los Angeles Times USC Rose Bowl

For those of you outside Los Angeles, the L.A. Coliseum has been the home of the USC football program since 1923 (”the Trojans played in the first football game ever held there, beating Pomona College, 23-7, on Oct. 6, 1923“) and is located on the southern tip of the USC campus.The LAT reports the news with a straight face, and only in passing mentions a move to the Rose Bowl could be a possible “negotiating ploy“.

USC Fan UCLA Cocks Lost Again

Ya think?

Mark Mangino Borat Azamat Nude Scene

The chances of USC moving home football games to the Rose Bowl are about the same as a Mark Mangino Souplantation sighting (OK, no more postings of that pic for the rest of the week, we apologize).UPDATE: Like SbB, Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS smells a rat about the USC pseudo intrigue.

Dodgers to Play in Los Angeles Coliseum Next Season Against Red Sox

DODGERS RETURN TO L.A. COLISEUM FOR ONE MORE GAME: The Los Angeles Dodgers are going back to where it all began. Sorry, Brooklyn fans, not that far back.

SbB Cecillia LA Coliseum

MLB.COM reports that the Dodgers will play at the Los Angeles Coliseum in an exhibition game next season. The contest is set for March 29 against the Boston Red Sox.The Coliseum is where the Blue Crew spent their first four seasons in La-La-Land before Dodger Stadium was finished in 1962. The Sox game locale is in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Dodgers’ move from NYC to SoCal.

SbB Girls Dodgers Stadium entrance

The stadium stop will be just another season-starting detour for the Red Sox, who will be coming back from a two-game trip to Japan.Although it’s a game for charity, there may be bad feelings between the owner’s boxes - wherever they get set up in the makeshift stands.

Frank McCourt John Henry

Sox owner John Henry has been trying desperately to level the Boston-area mansion he bought from Dodgers owners Frank & Jamie McCourt.After the game, Henry might stick around the Coliseum to help dismantle the temporary outfield walls, just so he can tear down something.