Peeping Inside The Eternal Editorial Debate At SbB

OK, I’m wavering on what to write about to end the week. Should it be Jose Guillen’s ingrown toenail, Ryan Braun’s unfortunate foray into the apparel business or George Mason’s Homecoming (Drag) Queen?

Lucimara Silva Photos

Or, should I end the week by posting some pics of the luscious Lucimara Silva.

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Week In Review: A Lingerie Bowl With Nude Fans?

• The ladies of the Lingerie Bowl are leery of playing at a nude resort.

reby sky bikini

(Lingerie footballer Reby Sky prefers her spectators clothed)

• Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad - I’m hot for the school’s athletic trainer.

• It’s hard to tell what’s more ludicrous - a ‘Rock of Love’ contestant falls on hockey rink ice & thinks she’s broken her boobies, or that she has no idea what’s inside her implants.

• A Minnesota skater hopes to make it as a model - and needs your vote!

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Kyra Can Kick Your Butt & Look So Good Doing It

When it comes to marvelous maidens of mixed martial arts, not many can top Gina Carano. It’s hard not to find fancy in a foxy fighter who compares her sport to sex. (Even her fellow female competitors want to make out with Ms. Carano.) But GC may have met her match in Kyra Gracie.

Gina Carano Kyra Gracie

(Gina [L] or Kyra [R]? Bet you can’t pick just one.)

The Brazilian-born babe & Ju-Jitsu blackbelt can beat up the best of them - and look so beautiful doing it. Need further proof? Check out some new graceful pics of Gracie after the jump.

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Gina Carano: MMA Reminds Her Of Sex (Me Too!)

If Anthony Hopkins had lost a kidney as a youth, I think he would’ve ended up looking (and talking) like CBS late night talkshow host Craig Ferguson. Ferguson is a (sometimes) mildly amusing Scot who seems to get something extra out of his guests at times - mainly because of his penchant for going into ass-kiss mode the moment they hit his Pottery Barned-out Late Late Show set.

Gina Carano MMA Hottie Gina Carano Talks About Sex Gina Carano Photos

(Carano & Kimbo Slice’s next fight? My Boy Barry hooks up Elite XC tix!)

Last night MMA hottie Gina Carano appeared on Ferguson’s show, and gave us all something to make love to ourselves to think about before her eventual, obligatory appearance in Playboy (I’ll wager 2010, immediately following a visit to Bruce Jenner’s personal botoxologist. (video after the jump) Read more…