Buick Takes Courtesy Cars Away From PGA Tour

Oh, hilarious economy! When will you ever stop plummeting and making us cut back on everything that makes life worth living? First, Colorado-based Focus On The Family has had to trim their staff drastically - rumor has it that they hilariously “overspent” on their pro-Proposition 8 stance - but this latest news to hit the wires is the last straw! Because of budgetary concerns, Buick will no longer be providing courtesy cars to PGA tournaments.

Great Depression

(”Guess it’s back to the old fashioned way.”)

Buick, who has generally had their cars waiting at the airport when PGA participants came into town, is reportedly ending this luxury because “the business model has changed.” Or in layman’s terms, “the car industry’s in the toilet”. Players will now have to (gasp!) rent their own automobiles. Just like commoners!

This is what we call “rich people problems”. But calm down, prima donna golfers. The PGA is on the case!

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