New ‘F’ Word For Sports Radio F-Bombers: FIRED

Back on Sunday, we brought you the story of Marty Tirrell and Larry Cotlar, two radio hosts at KXNO in central Iowa who just so happened to be dropping scads of profanity during a commercial break while their mics just so happened to still be on. Though the incident happened five days ago, no action had been taken by their employer, Clear Channel.

F Bomb

Well, no action until now, anyway, because WHO 13 is reporting that Tirrell and Cotlar were both canned today. Also, Geoff Conn, an assistant director of programming, was fired for being at the audio board while the profanities were aired. Oh, you thought it was all just an unfortunate coincidence? Silly you.

Honestly, we can’t say we’re either surprised or sympathetic; all three deserved to be fired. Read more…

Nuclear F-Bombs Liven Up Sports Radio (w/ Audio)

If there were a poll of “localities with the most boring sports radio possible,” Central Iowa would definitely receive a fair amount of votes (North Dakota, as always, retains their title in a runaway). Without a pro team and surrounded by mediocre-to-awful college teams, there just isn’t much for the on-air talent to talk about. Then their studio begins to resemble a prison, a dimly lit cell where tensions run high and hygienes run low.

Tirrell and young lady
(The F-bomber in Chicago… and the shorts that may have inspired him)

So when there’s a breaking point, oh god, does it ever break. Witness the calamity that unfolded on Des Moines’ KXNO, an ESPN Radio affiliate. The principal parties in this sh-tstorm are hosts Marty Tirrell and Larry Cotlar, and they seem to be fighting over, um, media credentials used at a high school basketball game. Yeah, seems benign, right? Apparently not; Tirrell was enraged enough to scream, according to the DES MOINES REGISTER, “over a dozen” effenheimers at Cotlar over a commercial break. One slight problem: the mics were still live.

The audio is after the break, mainly because it’s riotously NSFW. Read more…