Kevin Love The Best Big Man In The NBA? WAT?

As I was tooling around Los Angeles this, former longtime NBA post player and current Laker announcer Mychal Thompson said something on KSPN-AM that blew my mind.

Kevin Love Statistics Don't Lie

(If you’re going by stats, sure looks like it)

During his weekday L.A. Sports Live show with co-Host Andrew Siciliano, Thompson wondered aloud, “is Kevin Love the best American big man in the game?

Thompson cited Spain’s Pau Gasol as the best overall post player in the NBA, but after that, he gave every indication that he thought Love was number-two amongst paint purveyors.

Kevin Love Statistics Don't Lie

(Pts/Reb/Asst) / Rebounds per 48 min)

Ahead of Dwight Howard, Amare Stoudemire and anyone else you can name.

Kevin Love Best Big Man In The NBA Stats

(Efficiency / Double-Doubles)

As amazing as it may seem, if you were to make the call solely on statistics, Thompson is, somehow, right.
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Jeanie Buss Thinks PhilJax Will Linger With Lakers

I don’t particularly buy into the Phil Jackson-as-Coaching-God theory — when you’re blessed with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and a young Shaquille O’Neal, probably the top three players of this generation, you had better win 10 NBA titles. So whether or not he stays with the Lakers holds no special interest for me. Others, as I understand it, care a whole lot.

Phil Jackson, Jeanie Buss

That would include Lakers vice president Jeanie Buss, who happens to be Jackson’s longtime girlfriend. With former Lakers assistant and Jackson protege Kurt Rambis headed to the Timberwolves, Buss made a somewhat surprising observation recently on ESPN Radio in Los Angeles: Rambis’ departure could mean that Jackson could stick around in LA longer than anticipated. Read more…

Kurt Rambis Hired As New Timberwolves Coach

Kids these days. The newer generations of NBA fans probably only know Kevin McHale, if they know him at all, as either the general manager/coach who spent the past few years running the Minnesota Timberwolves into the ground before being shown the door in June. Older fans, however, probably remember McHale best as the Celtics forward who clotheslined the bespectacled, bemulleted Lakers forward Kurt Rambis in the 1984 NBA Finals.

Kevin McHale Kurt Rambis

Now, 25 years later, REVENGE! Rambis has been hired away from the Lakers to replaceĀ  the deposed McHale as the head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Sadly, it appears that the 80s mullet and black specs were casualties of his quest for revenge and were left somewhere on the Boston Garden floor.

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Derek Fisher Urges You To Vote - For Obama

As election season heats up, all of the powerful celebrities are coming out of the woodwork to offer their assistance to one candidate or another. And it appears as if Barack Obama is finally breaking out the big guns. That’s right, Derek Fisher is on the campaign trail!

Derek Fisher

The Laker guard volunteered to help out the Obama camp, and instead of being sent to local events in Southern California, they dispatched him to where he’s needed most: the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana. This was big news in Big Sky country. The last Laker to visit the reservation was the incomparable Kurt Rambis.

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Lake Show Becomes Leg Show With Short Shorts

Who wears short shorts?

Lakers short shorts

Kobe wears short shorts.

In an attempt to bring back the glory days of their ’80s rivalry with Boston, the Lakers donned tiny trousers during Sunday night’s game against the Celtics. The shorts were on display through the first half.

Kurt Rambis Lakers assistant coach

Even Lakers assistant coach Kurt Rambis broke out the glasses & mustache that made him such a memorable member of L.A.’s heyday.

Did it work? Well, the Lakers scored the first basket…and that was their only lead of the night, as L.A. came up short in a 110-91 loss.

If the shorts scheme didn’t work, maybe the Lakers should try returning to the Forum. But they’ll have to wait until after “Praise Party 07“.