Kurt Angle: Your Olympic Hero And Creepy Stalker

Kurt Angle is many things: an Olympic hero who won a gold medal in amateur wrestling with a broken neck; one of the most successful and popular professional wrestlers of his generation; and if allegations made by his girlfriend are correct, a creepy stalker. The PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE says that Angle was arrested on Saturday in a Pittsburgh suburb after his female wrestling valet girlfriend says he followed her to a Starbucks after he was served with a restraining order earlier in the morning.

Kurt Angle and Rhaka Khan

According to the criminal complaint, Angle told police that he was circling the parking lot because “he was looking for a hotel to stay in” after his girlfriend Trenesha Biggers, who wrestles under the name Rhaka Khan, had filed a restraining order against him following a fight the previous evening. Angle also had some explaining to do when police released he was driving on a suspended license following a recent DUI conviction, and that he had syringes and HGH in the car.

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Michael Jordan High On Life; Stephen Jackson Peace And Guns Tattoo

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Michael Jordan stoned

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Tattoo praying hands gun

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Lance Briggs Chicago Bears

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Utah UCLA football

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