Matsui Likes The Porno, ESPN Likes The Tebow

Hideki Matsui, collector of wedding bets & even bigger collector of porn.

Hideki Matsui Japanese porn dvd cover

Tim Tebow was able to tantalize Lee Corso & crew to come down and cover the Gators’ spring practice game.

• No bones about it, skeletons were discovered during digging for the London Olympics.

• A collegiate catfight may have been caused by couple of gals claiming an assistant coach.

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Ravishing Norwegian Runner Racing Into Spotlight

MY FREE SPORT dashes up with the best thing to come out of Norway since lutefisk and Kathie Lee-free cruise lines: ravishing runner Kristine Engeset.

Kristine Engeset Norwegian runner

The 19-year-old Scandinavian is an up-and-coming track & field star, as she’s been making big strides toward the big time. At the 2007 European Junior Championships, she won the silver in the 3000-meter steeplechase. And she has her eye on Beijing, hoping to compete in this year’s Olympics.

In the meantime, everyone else will have their eyes on her.

(More photos after the jump.)

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