Jason Taylor Wants Trade to a Contending Show

Jason Taylor of “Dancing with the Stars” fame has just wrapped up at news conference at Hard Rock Live in Miami, FL, to announce he will only participate in reality shows for one more season and wishes to be traded to a contending show. The reason for the location of the news conference remains a mystery as Taylor has no previously known connections to south Florida.

Jason Taylor Edyta Sliwinska Dancing With The Stars

(Reality TV star Jason Taylor & Edyta Sliwinska dancing to Rilo Kiley)

Rumors abound that shows like “American Idol”, “Survivor”, and “So You Think You Can Fellate a Wild Turkey in a Kids’ Ball Cage Dropped from a Construction Crane” have made a play for Taylor since his runner-up performance on the ABC show. However, Taylor has chosen to speak mostly through his agent’s agent’s business manager’s bus driver’s married sister in Ohio to this point.

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Taylor Toppled By Yamaguchi In “Dancing” Finale

Jason Taylor mamboed and sambaed to the best of his ability (as far as we know, not having seen any episodes - well, OK, maybe a few here & there). But like his Miami NFL teammates, he just couldn’t win.

Jason Taylor Edyta Sliwinska Dancing With The Stars

Skater Kristi Yamaguchi bested the Dolphins defenseman Tuesday night to claim this season’s “Dancing With The Stars” title. While Taylor did manage a perfect score in his last dance, he was toppled by Yamaguchi’s double dose of dancing perfection.

Video of Taylor’s last tango with Edyta Sliwinska after the jump.

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Blog-O-Rama: Can Whitlock Score A Pulitzer?

  • BOING BOING wonders if you could play Tecmo Bowl with this controller.

Giant NES Controller

  • YOU’VE BEEN BLINDED sits down with Jason Whitlock. And by “sits down,” we mean “probably exchanged emails.”

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Phins’ Taylor To Debut His Dancing Skills Tonight

Jason Taylor is getting ready to get jiggy with it, as the Dolphins’ defensive star makes his debut on “Dancing With The Stars” tonight.

Jason Taylor on Dancing With The Stars

The PALM BEACH POST offers a quick preview of Taylor’s chances on the ABC reality show. Following in the football footsteps of Emmitt Smith (who won) and Jerry Rice (who placed second), Jason is aiming his sights at more manageable goals for the series opener: Read more…