Cubs Catcher Comes Back from Horrid Hand Injury

Koyie Hill is lucky to be on an MLB spring training roster. Sure, it’s with the Cubs, but the 30-year-old catcher is fortunate enough to be able to even grasp a baseball at all.

Koyie Hill Chicago Cubs catcher

Since his debut with the Dodgers in 2003, Hill has been shuffled back & forth between the bigs and the minors, suffering such injuries as a broken ankle and torn elbow ligaments along the way. But it was an accident two years ago that almost ended his baseball career - and could have left him disfigured for life.

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Erin Andrews Answers Rumblings of Rutgers Fans

• Rutgers fans are rankled that Erin Andrews wasn’t working their game on Monday. Erin responds by having replacement reporter Rob Stone read her official statement on the matter during the game.

Erin Andrews fullbody

George O’Leary & UCF certainly know how to make a teleconference titillating - just send the media a phone sex number by mistake.

• Figures that Oklahoma football players would get in a bar brawl Sooner or later.

• Jaguars OT Richard Collier is in critical condition after getting shot early Tuesday morning.

• Cubs catcher Koyie Hill makes it back to the Majors after almost having his fingers cut off in a wood saw accident.

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Cubs Catcher Called Up After Cutting Off Fingers

Carlos Zambrano missed his scheduled start on Sunday with what the Cubs are calling “a tired arm.” While I’m sure that Zambrano’s arm might be plenty sore, I think it’s fair to point out that in comparison to his teammate Koyie Hill, he seems like a huge wimp. As the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES reports, Hill was called up to the big league roster on Monday, less than a year after almost losing three fingers and his thumb on his right hand in a wood saw accident.

Saw II Poster

I believe we can all agree that Joel Zumaya and his “Guitar Hero” injury looks more and more like a giant sissy everyday after hearing stories like this.

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