Chicago Fans’ Favre Sign Yet Another Humor FAIL

Go to any major sporting venue for a game, and you’re likely to hear all sorts of colorful language to describe the visiting team (or, if they suck, the home team). It’s universal that at some point, somebody’s manhood - and indeed, his own ability and desire to procreate with women - is going to be questioned. Repeatedly. And God help any athlete who isn’t white, because that’s going to come up once or twice too.

Totally Awesome Sign About Brett Favre
(Verrry mature.)

But for as much flak as Philadelphia fans have earned for their poor behavior, isn’t it time we started admitting that Chicago fans are rapidly becoming some of the most obnoxiously childish in sports? Why, just over the last couple years, we’ve had casual racism, more casual racism, and now this delightful sign (above) directed at Sports Voldemort and Packers fans in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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Lou Piniella, Cubs Are Already Tired Of Fukudome

Nearly two months after completely melting down in the first round of the playoffs, Lou Piniella took some shots at his team during a radio appearance on Wednesday, saying of his lineup, “It’s right-handed, it’s power-hitting and it’s not very quick.” Wait, Lou, isn’t this somewhat fast left-handed hitter in your lineup?:

Kosuke Fukudome

Piniella isn’t exactly hiding his disdain for Kosuke Fukudome these days. He’s also not entirely pleased with the recently re-signed Ryan Dempster going on the record as saying that the team wasn’t prepared for the playoffs. Lou’s comments came while he was on WMVP’s “Waddle and Silvy Show” yesterday.

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Fukudome Finds Familiar Faces During LA Trip

The Cubs should probably sign this guy so they can finally get out of that Jim Edmonds deal.

Sumo Wrestling Baseball

This is Hakuho. He checks in at about 340 bills, which makes him about 15 pounds lighter than Prince Fielder. Read more…

Horry Kow! Cringeworthy Cubs Shirts Still For Sale

Earlier we told you how some bigoted businesses were hocking horrendous ‘Horry Kow!’ t-shirts outside Wrigley Field. Well, despite the disapproval of Kosuke Fukudome & Cubs management, shirt sales are as brisk as ever. (Or should that be ‘blisk’?)

Horry Kow Cubs shirt

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE catches up with the cotton-fueled controversy. Since last month, the Cubs have been able to get the shirt’s manufacturer to stop making the disturbing duds, while getting vendors who sell official Major League Baseball merchandise to quit selling the ‘Kow’ clothes.

Still, that hasn’t vexed individual street vendors from offering the offensive wares: Read more…

“Horry Kow”: Britney Spears Biopic Or Cubs Tee?

According to anecdotal T-shirt sales figures around Wrigley Field quoted in the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES today, Chicago Cubs fans would like you to understand a simple truth:

Harry Caray impersonator

Shilling for AT&T: Wildly offensive.

Cubs fans racist shirt

Shilling for racism: Wildly hilarious.

You win this round, Marty Brennaman.

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Typical Cubs Opening Day: Thrilling HR, Still Lose

After last week’s trip to Tokyo and Sunday night in DC, Opening Day started for real for the rest of Major League Baseball. And the Chicago Cubs embarked on their 100th season since their last World Series win.

Kosuke Fukudome Cubs

As usual, there was high drama at Wrigley Field this cold, rainy afternoon, as Kosuke Fukudome made quite a debut in Cubbie Blue. And as usual, the Cubs blew it. Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Major League Parks In Lego Form

• HOME RUN DERBY has a hit on their hands with these baseball stadiums built out of Legos.

Lego Yankee Stadium

• STEROID NATION is pumped that Victor Conte will soon be writing a book about his BALCO experiences.

• Speaking of literary works, The FLORIDA TIMES-UNION overhears that Lou Holtz may scribble about his experiences as an ESPN analyst.

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Really, No One Reads Blogs; Just Ask The Cubs

Remember our post yesterday about the Cubs’ ill-advised marketing material for Kosuke Fukudome? Baseball blog HOME RUN DERBY points out that the Cubs’ website graphic, however insensitive, looks a lot like the graphic it produced in early December:

Cubs Rip Off Website Graphic From Blog

Good Thing Beijing Isn’t On Cubs’ Road Schedule

The Chicago Cubs have begun their marketing blitz for newly signed Japanese star Kosuke Fukudome.

Kosuke Fukudome Cubs Ad Japanese Flag

On the Cubs’ official website, Fukudome is featured in a graphic that displays a historical variation of Japan’s traditional rising sun flag. But that particular flag design is not the official state flag of Japan, and ON 205TH reminds us that neighboring Asian nations aren’t exactly fond of it.

The flag was the symbol of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II, which terrorized the region.

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