Best B-Day Wishes For B-Ball Babe Claudia Porras

We enjoy getting the MAXIM-um fun out of NFL cheerleader photo shoots.

We wish a happy birthday to Bolivian basketball babe Claudia Porras!

Claudia Porras Photos

Manny Ramirez socks the Sox’s traveling secretary over ticket troubles.

• A conservative website runs news of sprinter Tyson Gay by referring to him as Tyson Homosexual.

• Spain’s Euro 2008 success was bad news for Madrid’s erotic film festival.

• Now that Charles Barkley is all paid up, who’s Steve Wynn to sue now? Answer: The NBA & Alonzo Mourning’s charity organization.

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Koufos’ HS Coach Takes Rip At OSU’s Thad Matta

It’s a somewhat predictable pattern: when there is friction between a big-time college coach and a big-time prospect, it usually doesn’t come to the surface until that player bolts for the professional ranks. Sometimes it comes through a surrogate. Kosta Koufos, now the first-round pick of the Utah Jazz, is now embroiled in a bit of this, as his high school coach is knocking his college coach for not using him well.

Kosta Koufos

The CANTON REPOSITORY has GlenOak HS coach Jack Greynolds, Jr. calling Ohio State coach Thad Matta “clueless” because he believes Matta didn’t use Koufos properly on the offensive end.

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