Kobe’s Carnality Still A Hot Topic In Vail, Colorado

AS THE SNOW MELTS, KOBE STILL KEEPS VAIL A HOT SPOT: A car writer invited to test-drive a new vehicle in Vail, Colorado, became caught up in the search for Kobe’s Room of Rejected Romance:

Kobe bed jumping

Brenda Priddy of JALOPNIK was invited to Vail to try out Toyota’ latest hybrid. But the trip turned into an Agatha Christie mystery - or maybe closer to Encyclopedia Brown.It began with the ride to the resort. “That’s because every limo driver and tour guide in Vail mentions Kobe Bryant within the first 3 minutes of stepping in.”

Colorado limo

And turns out Priddy was staying at The Lodge & Spa at Cordillera, the very hotel where Kobe’s conniving eventually lead to apology diamonds for Mrs. Bryant. “And suddenly everyone was guessing if he or she was in ‘Kobe’s Room’.”

Do Not Disturb

After an internet search and some snooping, Priddy discovered the fateful locale as Room 35. Only there is no Room 35 anymore, as the Lodge renumbered all their accommodations.The hotel even went so far as to sell all the room’s furnishings to a used furniture dealer in Denver.