Blog Expo-Fest-O-Rama:You’ll Be My Cowboy Man

Emmitt Smith defends the legacy of the Dallas Cowboys by declaring Terrell Owens to be a non-Cowboy, according to FANHOUSE. What’s wrong, Emmitt; not enough hookers and blow to meet the minimum requirements?

George Teague and Terrell Owens

(George Teague agrees)

• This young lady would like to find marital bliss with Korean pitching star Kim Kwang-hyun. EAST WINDUP CHRONICLE has found as a clear visual definition of ‘moxie’ as we’ve ever seen.

Kim Kwang-hyun has a bride waiting for him after the game

(White seems a bit presumptuous here)

Matt Loede of NFL GRIDIRON GAB has spotted another Hochuli Hiccup in today’s action. We bet you hear more about this later.  Just a guess.
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Mariners Could Make Kim Ng First Vowel-less GM

General Manager of Major League Baseball team has to rank very highly on the list of ultimate dream jobs. There’s no official rankings that I know of, but it has to be right near the top. You don’t see millions of people pretending they are in footwear sales by logging in to their Fantasy Foot Locker league.

Kim Ng

That job unfortunately is not for everyone. Seems as though the club is only looking for a “certain type” to join their ranks. Take a look at this list of the current MLB general managers and see if you notice what they all have in common.

That’s right. They all have vowels in their last name. All of them. Red Sox GM, Theo Epstein and Colorado Rockies’ GM Dan O’Dowd’s last names even start with vowels. The Seattle Mariners, however, are reportedly considering breaking down the barriers and going with Los Angeles Dodgers assistant GM Kim Ng to be their next general manager. Ng is also a woman too, so she would also be the first GM to have a vagina, which is also kind of a big deal too.

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