Don’t Worry, Texas: Dubya Still Adored At Baylor

Okay, so let’s say you’re a Republican. Not a great past couple years. Now let’s say you were also the 43rd President of the United States. Yes, that narrows it down quite a bit, but we need specificity here. You’ve just completed a ludicrously unsuccessful presidency, and you’re looking to unwind a bit and get back to your healthy love of sports. The problem is that the vast majority of America is acutely aware of your ludicrously unsuccessful presidency and now harbors a visceral hatred for you, especially the young people who comprise college campuses. If only there were a town full of militant evangelicals (y’know, “the base”) and a local university full of the same, plus an NCAA affiliation… wait a second… honey, we’re goin’ to Waco! (*blasts pistols into the air like Yosemite Sam*)

Bush and Wife
(Wait a second, why is he holding the coach’s hand and not his wife’s? Why is the mainstream media ignoring this?!)

According to the DALLAS MORNING NEWS, President Bush and his wife, Laura, took in a Baylor women’s basketball game last night, and to nobody’s real surprise, the home crowd gave the former First couple a standing ovation. Well, of course they did. The Bushes arrived with Baylor head coach Kim Mulkey (pictured above, brazenly wrecking yet another marriage*) to great cheers. Further, just to remove all doubt that the crowd was purposefully cheering for the President and not the coach by association, the Bushes received another ovation during the first media timeout when arena cameras focused on the two.

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