NBA Player’s Crack Addiction a Cautionary Tale

Kris Humphries, who is contracted to play basketball for the New Jersey Nets, is not what you’d qualify as a star player in The League.

Kim Kardashian Beach Bikini - She's Dating Miles Austin

(CRACK IS, indeed, WACK)

Averaging around eight points per game for one of the NBA’s most anonymous teams, Humphries might be the last guy in organized sports who you would think would need a high profile Hollywood publicist.

So why then did he recently hire Liza Anderson, who also reps Eva Longoria, to handle his public relations affairs?

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush

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On Bush Heisman, Opinions Are Like Kardashians

Delightful piece of journalism by PEOPLE magazine last week, as everyone’s fave brain candy dispenser polled Kim Kardashian on USC’s decision to throw the Trojan belongings of her ex-beau Reggie Bush onto the 110 Freeway.

Kim Kardashian Beach Bikini - She's Dating Miles Austin

Reggie worked hard for that Heisman and deserves it. He earned it! I really don’t think it’s fair to give it back.”

On second thought, there’s probably no better person to ask about the departure of a Bush trophy than Kardashian.

Enquirer: Kim Kardashian Now Dating Miles Austin

I avoid at all cost all things Kardashian, but the NATIONAL ENQUIRER has an offline story about Kim Kardashian today that I thought I’d pass along - for the benefit of Cowboys haters fans.

Kim Kardashian Beach Bikini - She's Dating Miles Austin

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In a story yet to hit the web, the Enquirer reports that the possessor of reality television’s finest wide receiver is now hooking up with Dallas Cowboys pass catcher Miles Austin.

Kardashian invited Austin to attend an NBA Finals game on June 6, only they didn’t sit together. (Fun!) Though they later did dinner at Casa Vega in Los Angeles.


“Kim’s carving out more time in her schedule to be with Miles, and she’s telling those close to her that he’s ‘the one.’”

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Scary! Knife Crime Epidemic Strikes Kardashian

To think I thought her cast in the Avatar sequel was a stretch.

Kim Kardashian Victim Of Knife Crime

Photos are from yesterday at the Bravada International Launch Party. (Yeah, no idea.)

Arizona Cardinal’s Safety Is a Famous Girlfriend?

Arizona Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes to the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS about his dating life: “It’s hard to date someone who isn’t living my lifestyle - they don’t understand what comes with the job.

Kerry Rhodes Wants a Famous Girlfriend

Having a girlfriend in the spotlight, like Reggie Bush did with [ex-girlfriend] Kim Kardashian, would actually be a pretty ideal situation for me.Read more…

Odom Photoshopped Into Kardashians Xmas Card

I’m pleased to present the 2010 Kardashian Family Christmas Card. What a lovely photo!

Lamar Odom photoshopped into Kardashian Christmas Card

Funny, Kim doesn’t mention that Lamar Odom missed the shoot, as his presence in the shot is obviously via an alarmingly clumsy photoshop job.

Exhibit A:

Lamar Odom photoshopped into Kardashian Family Christmas Card

Exhibit B:

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Website: Kim K., Reggie Bush To Marry in 2010

Urban gossip site is reporting today that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have decided to get married in 2010.

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush

(You may feel the need to towel off after reading this too)

Sources close to Kim say she has started planning process her fantasy wedding to boyfriend Reggie Bush. Kim apparently was inspired by Khloe and Lamar’s hasty love union.

Lovely, can’t think of a better reason in selecting a life partner.

After Bush dumped Kim earlier this year, apparently the two reunited in August and have been inseparable ever since - at least if you believe Kim and her publicist.

Speaking of romantic:

The two are said to have started planning their own wedding after Kim asked Reggie about walking down the aisle in New Orleans after attending Khloe’s wedding. Surprisingly, Reggie said “lets do it.”

So Kim proposed? Reg sure sounds down with the plan.

Lest you think though that this won’t be a business endeavor akin to the KhlOdom mock marriage, Kim is allegedly planning the same sort of money-making arrangement her sister scored with producer Ryan Seacrest. Read more…

Lakers Home Opener: Thoughts From Third Row

With the Artest sign and the KhlOdom debacle, I’ve never looked forward to a Lakers season so much.

Kim Kardashian putting makeup on Josh Powell's daughters after Lakers game

(One reason I find the Lakers so delightful. Obligatory Josh Powell wife pic.)

What will cause the Lakers a bigger distraction this season?

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Last night, thanks to a good friend, I was third row. Which means I was closer to the court than the Kardashians. Read more…

Lamar Odom, Khloe K. To Marry THIS SUNDAY?!

The website is reporting today that Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian, who first met less than one month ago, are set to wed this Sunday, September 27.

Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom to wed this Sunday, Sept. 27?

More: “Khloe Kardashian will NOT sign a prenuptial agreement. Those Kardashians know how to make money don’t they. E Hollywood has already dumped 300k to pay for this ceremony. Why are they rushing? Is someone pregnant?”

Obviously I can’t vouch for the veracity of the report, but with these two, nothing would surprise me.

It is interesting to note though that Khloe’s sister Kim has suddenly backed off her prediction last week of an imminent engagement between the two. Read more…

Kim K.: “100%” Khloe, Odom Will Get Engaged

Guess it made sense for Mason & Ireland on KSPN-AM in Los Angeles to get to the bottom of the Lamar Odom-Khloe Kardashian marriage rumors by calling up Khloe’s sister, you know … the cute one. (Kim.)

 Kim Kardashian bikini

(If anyone can get to the bottom of the Khloe Odom intrigue…)

Kim K. said on KSPN this afternoon that there’s a “100″ percent chance that Khloe and Odom will get engaged because they’re “so in love.”

That love, incidentally, spans less than three months. But when you consider the overt attractiveness in play, I guess you shouldn’t be shocked.

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