Real “Friday Night Lights” Field Is A Toxic Mess

You know the story: high school football in Texas isn’t just a game, it’s a way of life. From “Friday Night Lights” to “Varsity Blues,” you’ve had the fact that people in Texas treat high school football as a matter of life and death drilled into your head time and again so much that it’s become a cliche.

New Friday Night Lights poster

But now there’s a new twist to the story. The ASSOCIATED PRESS has tested samples from the artificial turf at two stadiums in Texas - including Ratliff Stadium, home of the Permian Panthers from the original “Friday Night Lights” book - and found levels of lead from 10 to 14 times higher than the EPA standard. So high school football might actually be becoming a life and death issue in Texas, as in “the fields are slowly killing the players.”

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