Alicia Sacramone Is Ready For Primetime, or 3 a.m.

• Even though the Olympics are over, gymnast Alicia Sacramone is still going for the gold by trying to land a TV gig.

Alicia Sacramone

Gilbert Arenas shows his support for President-Elect Barack Obama by tattooing his fingers.

• A Buffalo sportswriter leaves a high school football game early - by falling down the press box stairs.

• No wonder Texas A&M has been going through a crappy season - their stadium is filled with bat poop.

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Alabama Fan Goes In “Shotgun Formation”, 2 Dead

Honestly, it’s not even surprising, not nearly as much as it ought to be. When you get a rivalry that’s doused in hatefuel, then literally set ablaze, it doesn’t end with the football game. And while the logical endgame (see: murder) is certainly rare, “rare” is a whole lot more tragic than “never,” and we can tack two more marks onto “rare” today after two people were killed after a football-related fight between an LSU fan and an Alabama fan.

(It really depends on what you mean by “winning” an argument.)

Police say Dennis Smith (LSU fan) and Donna Smith (extremely unfortunate wife) went to the house of Michael Williams (Alabama fan) after a contentious post-game phone call between Dennis and Michael. Once there, a physical confrontation broke out between the two men. This is where you automatically assume that everyone involved is drunk and you are absolutely correct.

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