USC Coach Buys $2M Condo Near LA’s Skid Row

The real estate website reported on a landmark purchase of a downtown Los Angeles condo this week.

Kevin O'Neill buys $2M condo a half-mile from L.A.'s skid row

($2.15M to be half-mile from skid row?)

USC basketball coach Kevin O’Neill reportedly may have spent more money on a downtown L.A. condo resale than anyone in history.

Kevin O’Neill, head coach of the USC Trojans basketball team, plunked down $2.15 million for a penthouse in Elleven in South Park, a sale which is being billed as the biggest resale in Downtown by real estate agency Loftway, which handled the deal.

Apparently O’Neill knows something about downtown Los Angeles the rest of us don’t. For some context, a 2008 report noted a condo in New York City selling for $80 million. Read more…

Lil’ Romeo Clarifies: He Didn’t Quit, He Just Sucks

Jeff Eisenberg of the Yahoo Sports college hoops blog The Dagger had an amusing piece today about USC finally jettisoning fake basketball player Romeo Miller from the squad.

Romeo Miller Wants Blog Correction About His Demise From USC Basketball Team

(Actually, all the clarity we needed)

Tim Floyd gave Miller a scholarship two seasons ago only because he was childhood friends with hot prospect DeMar Derozan - who signed with the Trojans as part of a package deal. Floyd is now long gone and new coach Kevin O’Neill somehow no longer has use for an undersized, slow-footed guard who averaged eight points per game in high school.

Eisenberg described Miller’s departure from USC thusly:

In a decision sure to disappoint opposing hecklers far more than USC basketball fans, Percy Miller is packing up his trademark aviator shades and oversized jewelry and leaving the Trojans program.

Forgot shirtless Twitter photo.

It’s no great mystery what really happened here. Miller was cut.

Eisenberg, to his credit, diplomatically described Lil’ Romeo’s demise as “leaving” the program. Though Miller, via his Twitter account today, for some reason wanted Eisenberg to set the record straight on exactly why he “left” the program. Read more…

Week In Review: Michael Irvin, King of Strip Clubs

• Say what you will about Michael Irvin, but he sure knows how to help people have a good time at gentlemen’s clubs.

Michael Irvin

• Tennis commentator Michael Stich comments that the female competitors at Wimbledon are only there to “sell sex“. Why would he think such a scandalous thought?

• Former WWF wrestler Brian Blair shows what Father’s Day means to him by beating up his two sons.

Sean Avery gets a taste of his own sloppy seconds, in the form of Jets QB Mark Sanchez’s supposed girlfriend Hilary Rhoda.

• Popular Iowa high school football coach Ed Thomas is shot & killed by a former player - a former player who should have been in police custody at the time.

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Hey USC, Enjoy Having This Guy As Your Coach

I was a student at Northwestern when, on January 9th, 1999, the Wildcat men’s basketball team rolled into Champaign, Illinois and dominated the Fighting Illini 59-46 to go to 9-3 on the season. That particular NU squad was led by All-America center Evan Eschmeyer, who was a terrific college player but a poor man’s Marcin Gortat in the NBA (which didn’t prevent Mark Cuban from throwing $20 million at him to suffer a career-ending injury and become a lawyer).

Kevin ONeill

It had all the makings of a magical year in Evanston. At one point the ‘Cats were 14-6 and receiving votes in the major polls, which was a huge development for a school that had never played in the NCAA Tournament.  Yet still, outside of Eschmeyer, anyone connected to the hoops program could walk through town without causing much of a stir. That was especially true of coach Kevin O’Neill, who is back in the news after being hired this past weekend to clean up whatever mess USC is eventually going to find itself in. O’Neill was quite fond of the local drinking establishments — perhaps a bit too fond. And it may have derailed Northwestern’s shot at history.

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Sports Movies Fudge The Truth Sometimes? Wow!

Arizona Fan Throws Water Bottle At USC Players

The TUCSON CITIZEN reports that police are looking for an Arizona fan who threw a water bottle at a USC player during Thursday night’s game.

USC Arizona basketball

With less than a minute to go in the Trojan’s win in Tucson, USC’s Davon Jefferson made an exclamation dunk, then pointed to the Arizona student section, a.k.a the Zona Zoo.

Well, one Zoomate took exception to the taunt, and tried to tag a Trojan with his liquid. (Video after the jump.) Read more…

Arizona Coach Lute Olson To Miss Rest of Season

FAMILY AFFAIRS KEEP OLSON OUT FOR REST OF SEASON: Lute Olson’s indefinite absence is now definite, as the Arizona coach announced he will sit out the remainder of the season:

Lute Olson

The ARIZONA REPUBLIC reports that Olson told the Tucson school he would be gone for the rest of the year, but said he plans to be back courtside next season.When asked for reasons for Olson’s prolonged absence, university president Dr. Robert Shelton said, “All I know is that it has to do with issues within the family.”

Assistant Kevin O’Neill, who already earned experience coaching collegiate Wildcats during his Northwestern days, will remain the de facto leader.

Lute Bobbi Olson

The absence will be the longest in Lute’s coaching career since he missed 5 games in 2000-01 to be with his ailing wife Bobbi, who eventually passed away from ovarian cancer.

Bob Knight Leaves Game At Halftime But Not Before Arguing With Fans

KNIGHT LEAVES AT HALF, HEAVES INSULTS WITH STUDENTS: Coaching against Centenary makes Bobby Knight sick:

Bob Knight ill

FOX SPORTS reports that the General made a halftime retreat during Texas Tech’s game against the Louisiana school on Saturday.Assistant coach and son Pat Knight said that Dad was feeling under the weather, and decided to go back to the team hotel. Although he said Bobby was “in bad shape” during the game, Pat added that the illness was “nothing serious“, and Pop was now back in Lubbock recuperating.

Although it may have been his team’s play that was making Knight ill, as his Red Raiders went on to lose to the Gents, 70-66.

Bob Knight Centenary

But it wouldn’t be a grand Bobby Knight exit without some controversy. About two dozen Centenary students had gotten under the coach’s skin with various taunts. As he was leaving, Knight turned and briefly confronted the crowd, before being led away by his assistants.

And it’s not the first time college kids caused Knight to crack. During his Indiana days, taunts of “Who’s Your Daddy?” from Northwestern fans caused Bobby to erupt at the student section and confront then-Wildcats coach Kevin O’Neill after the game.

Must be a stressful time for Coach Knight. Maybe he can relax with a nice hunting trip.

Lute Olson Leaves Arizona, Assistant Says Its Good To Be Young & Dumb

LUTE ZIPS OUT OF ‘ZONA; ASST. LIKES ‘EM YOUNG & DUMB: Lute Olson won’t be acting catty in the McKale Center for a while, as the Arizona coach has taken a leave of absence:

Lute Olson Arizona Wildcat statue

The ARIZONA REPUBLIC shoots news that the 73-year-old basketball coach told AD Jim Livengood that he would temporarily excuse himself from courtside. Both Olson and Livengood had said the absence wasn’t a health issue, but a “personal matter.”In the meantime, coaching duties will fall on Kevin O’Neill, who hopes this head coaching stint goes better than the last one. In his previous attempt, Kev lasted only one season running the Toronto Raptors:

Kevin O'Neill assistant coach

O’Neill hopes the Wildcats don’t think too much about Lute’s departure, saying, “Young and dumb is a good thing to be sometimes. They want to play basketball, but they are very concerned for Coach.”You heard the interim coach, ‘Cats - Play dumb!