Blog Jam: Brett Favre Night To Feature Flip-Flops

Darren Rovell of CNBC catches the Augusta GreenJackets getting ready to hold a Brett Favre Night, complete with a flip-flop giveaway.

Brett Favre flip flops

• SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s Richard Deitch shows off his keyboard confidence by blogging for 24 hours straight.

• THE BIG LEAD finds Peter King unable to enjoy a cross-country flight due to a copulating couple next to him. At least he didn’t have to subdue any dangerous streakers.

• Matt Watson of AOL FANHOUSE is proud of Nate Robinson having his number retired - by the NBA Summer League?

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Kevin Millar’s Cool As Ice With New Blonde Hairdo

Kevin Millar made a little wager on the NBA Finals. (Don’t worry, the b-ball bet wasn’t anything approaching Pete Rose-levels.) And by the looks of it, he took the Lakers.

That would explain why the Orioles’ first baseman showed up to the plate last night in a new blonde hairdo, accompanied by the sweet melodies of “Ice, Ice Baby”.

Kevin Millar blonde

BROMOBLOG breaks it down that Millar lost his NBA bet to former Red Sox teammate Jason Varitek. As a result, Kevin came up against the Houston Astros with the new hair and a new at-bat song courtesy of Vanilla Ice. Video proof of his plate appearance is after the jump.

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Blog-Some: “Semi-Pro” Falls Flat, Only Earns $15M

• VARIETY shoots up news that “Semi-Pro” was the top grossing film of last weekend, but netted only $15 million - “the lowest opening for a major Will Ferrell comedy in almost a decade.”

Semi-Pro Jackie Moon Dick Pepperfield

• In honor of Felix Pie’s twisted testicle, 100% INJURY RATE painfully looks back on some of the more unusual injuries to have befallen athletes.

• The BALTIMORE SUN is shattered that the Orioles’ Kevin Millar decided to break out the pink bat, only to have it splinter after two trips to the plate.

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Amber Theoharis Wet T-Shirt Opportunity Ruined By Orioles TV

MILLAR’S MOMENT MARRED BY MASN’S MADDENING MUFF: Orioles first baseman Kevin Millar got revenge on his former mates yesterday as he clouted a game winning homer against the Red Sox.

Amber Theoharis

The win meant the O’s won two of three from the rapidly-cratering Bosox. So for Baltimore fans, the only palpable disappointment of the weekend came when the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network ruined their chance of seeing field reporter Amanda Theoharis in a wet t-shirt

Amber Theoharis

… by inexplicably cutting away from her interview with Millar too early.