McNabb Benched During 36-7 Loss To Baltimore

It’s hard to say which half of football was more craptastic for Donovan McNabb today. In the first half, McNabb was abused by the Ravens defense, pressured into an 8-18 performance that included two picks and a fumble. But at least, you know, he was playing.

McNabb pouts

Not so in the second half, after head coach Andy Reid benched the longtime Eagles starter in favor of University of Houston product Kevin Kolb. Kolb brilliantly led the Eagles to score after score… oh wait, that didn’t happen at all.

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McNabb Sick Of Hearing About How Hurt He Is

It’s safe to say that the Eagles’ window for getting back to the Super Bowl has been firmly closed.

Donovan McNabb puking

Donovan McNabb has taken a lot of blame for not being healthy or productive enough to get the Eagles back there. Just think, if they had won that game, this guy could have been the black Brett Favre. He could have gotten away with anything in Philadephia. Now, they’re trying to run him out of town. And, yeah, McNabb’s a little miffed about it.

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