Meet The HS Coach Who Just Says No To Punting

A friend from my newspaper days once wrote a column in which he imagined himself as the new football czar. His first order of business — well, second, after condemning the Bengals’ uniforms — was to outlaw all kicking from the sport. No placekicking, except for kickoffs. No punts.

Pulaski Academy Bruins

Hmm; what would football be like without the foot? A high school coach in Little Rock, Arkansas is putting that question to the test, and as we see in the photo above, he’s getting pretty good results. The Pulaski Academy Bruins have not punted in a game in more than two years. Read more…

High School Team Removes Punt From Playbook

Fourth and 1 on your opponent’s 40. Do you go for it? Probably. How about fourth and 3 on your own 40? That’s a little less likely. How about fourth and 5 inside your own 10-yard-line? Who in their right mind would go for it? Pulaski Academy would, and that’s why they’re state champs.

Ray Guy Punting

The Arkansas school, led by Kevin Kelley, won the 5A State Championship this month with one simple philosophy: No Punting. No matter what the situation, no matter the opponent, they go for it on fourth down. Is there something to it? They’ve got some math behind their strategy, but the only math that matters is their undefeated record.

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