Detroit Lions “Refurbish” Special Replica Jerseys

Normally, when a team does something colossally stupid in a cost-saving maneuver these days, we chalk it up to the economy and move on. But when it’s the Detroit Lions, well, we get the feeling that this sort of thing’s just bound to happen no matter what the Dow does.

Kevin Smith jersey
(You might want to check the nameplate on that one.)

Take the Lions’ draft party at Ford Field this past weekend. They decided to give away some replica jerseys to season ticket holders, which is pretty cool if it didn’t mean the poor guys would now have to wear an 0-16 team’s jersey. The jerseys, it seemed, were customized for Kevin Smith (not him), their 2007 #1 draft choice and future hero in the backfield. But when is a star tailback’s jersey not a star tailback’s jersey? When it’s the old star tailback’s jersey!

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