Keeping Abreast of Soccer WAG Swimsuit Slippage

• Soccer WAG Abbey Clancy really needs to find a swimsuit top that fits.

Abbey Clancy LARGE

• Just a few weeks before his death in an alleged murder-suicide, Steve McNair had filmed a public service announcement about suicide prevention.

• An Aussie tennis player gets slapped with a fine & suspended for six months for shouting a racial slur at a South African opponent.

• The Mountain West & WAC hate the BCS, but don’t hate the BCS’ money.

• Has it really been 30 years since Disco Demolition Night more or less demolished Comiskey Park?

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Saints Release Player Over Botched Investments?

As long snappers go, Kevin Houser was unremarkable. That may not seem like a compliment, but considering the fact that the only time anyone ever talks about a long snapper is when he screws something up, “unremarkable” is the gold standard for long snappers. To that end, he never biffed a snap that led to a missed field goal or blocked punt.

Kevin Houser jerseys? But why?
(God, I hope they’re related to him.)

And yet all the same, the Saints released him last week, even though they stand to save no money with his departure; his likely replacement will earn $100,000 more than Houser. Well, check that; the Saints won’t be saving any money against the salary cap; their own pocketbooks are a different matter.

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