Hazing Comes To Head With Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars rookie offensive lineman Kevin Haslam was recently endowed this shampoo and style from teammate Uche Nwaneri:

Kevin Haslem Rookie Hazing Haircut

So that’s the dude I got at the St. Augustine Supercuts.

Rutgers FB Coach Drubs Player In Pushup Contest

Longtime SNL fans (or just Will Ferrell fans) probably recall the epic sketch with Ferrell and Sarah Michelle Gellar in which a frigid family of WASPs sit down for dinner, only to have the situation devolve into an affluenza-riddled shouting match in which Ferrell bellows, as a point of pride, “I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS!” Y’know, this sketch.

Girl push-ups
(No word on if they were girl push-ups. We’re running this picture anyway.)

We bring the sketch up for a reason, and not just because it’s early on a Friday afternoon and we’re already too drunk to walk. No, before Ferrell’s climactic scream, another of his pedestrian boasts is that he “can do a hundred push-ups in 20 minutes.” For whatever reason, something in the wiring of a straight man’s brain* will lead him to believe that large amounts of push-ups are an effective demonstration of how correct he is in an argument. Like, for example, what transpired between Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano and his right tackle, Kevin Haslam.

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