Blog-O-Rama: Pryor’s Shorts Lit Up By Buckeyes

• THE CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER wonders are those reflectors in Terrelle Pryor’s shorts, or is he just glad to see us?

Terrelle Pryor putting reflectors in shorts

• THE SCORES REPORT is hip-notized by this girl shaking her money maker while working the Wii Fit. (Bonus: She’ll be doing it again on MTV Tuesday.)

Darren Rovell of CNBC saw signs that the NBA wanted the Lakers & Celtics to go to a Game 6 - signs in the rolling ads at Staples Center court.

• DEADSPIN remembers the fine acting abilities of Tim Russert, as the late NBC politico tries to score some Boston College tickets.

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SI Swimsuit Couples Cursed?; Henin’s Had Enough

SbB is back on the beach, enjoying the calm, cool waters of the Caribbean.

• Does the SI Jinx also cover couples who appeared in the swimsuit issue?

Debbie Clemens Bikini Roger Clemens Jackass

Justine Henin pulls an Annika Sorenstam, but does it much quicker.

• Funny how one innocent cheerleaders-in-undies photo can destroy an entire athletic department.

• A San Francisco Giants fan tragically dies after a one-punch fight outside the ballpark.

• President Bush shows his solidarity with U.S. soldiers by giving up golf.

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Bills’ Everett Waived, Seeks Out Disability Dough

Tight end/special teamer Kevin Everett, who suffered from (and recovered from) a horrific, life-threatening spinal injury early last season, was waived by the Buffalo Bills yesterday.

Kevin Everett

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Blog-O-Rama: Clemens Back With Astros - Sort Of

• The ASSOCIATED PRESS tosses news that Roger Clemens has been invited to join the Astros - at one of their pitching camps.

Roger Clemens Houston Astros banner

• Speaking of comebacks, Buffalo Bills player Kevin Everett is coming out with book in February.

• 100% INJURY RATE studies the evolution of football video games.

• For your viewing pleasure, here’s another enjoyable episode of ‘Blog Show‘, with your hosts, Jamie Mottran and Dan Steinberg.

• INSIDE USC knows there won’t be many pleasantries exchanged when Pete Carroll & Norm Chow meet next season. Read more…

Blogs: More Erin Andrews, Chad Johnson TD Celebration

• Six years later, POP JOCKS remembers two men of the Los Angeles Kings organization who lost their lives on 9/11.

• In case you missed it, YARDBARKER has Chad Johnson’s first TD of the year, and, more importantly, his first TD celebration of the year:

Chad Johnson

• Showing what a dangerous game football can be, here’s video of the hit made by the Buffalo Bills’ Kevin Everett that may lead to his permanent paralysis.• FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS is thrown for a loss, as they compile the worst-ever seasons by NFL running backs:

Reggie Cobb Buccaneers

• COURT TV informs us what one prospective juror thinks of Isiah Thomas’s chances in his sexual harassment suit: “Can I be honest? The team isn’t doing so well. He recruits well, but he hasn’t done well at all as a general manager.“• THE LONDON SUN reports many Brit fans can’t tell what’s coming out of their telly, as they try to follow Beckham’s exploits across the pond.

• Cue the Erin Andrews montage: Ryan Moses of the SANTA CRUZ (CA) SENTINEL tells us what five things he’d like to see from the Worldwide Leader:

Erin Andrews

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS slides off the dance floor, as the WAC has banned the Hawaii football team from doing their pre-game haka.• ALLIE IS WIRED is also excited to see Tom Brady all wet, as he’s named one of VMAN magazine’s “15 Most Wanted”.

• The LADIES… love the college boys who play rough, as evidenced by this Tennessee lineman’s rocky-topping a QB on the loose:

Tennessee Volunteers football slam

• BLOGCRITICS wonder why hiring sportswriter Terry Pluto is a racist move by the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER.• The MONROE (MI) NEWS pitches the story of a collegiate softball player changing careers from throwing curveballs to throwing crooks in jail.