Kevin Durant’s Brother: OK City Is “Wack, Sh—y”

Let’s be honest, very few people know Tony Durant as anything other than the older brother of Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant. (If that.)

Tony Durant Obscene Tweets About Oklahoma City

(Had to work in the blank photo - always a nice touch)

But thanks to some indiscretionary Tweets the past few days, his notoriety among Thunder fans is beginning to grow. Read more…

Speed Read: Clippers’ Balls Have Dropped Again

The Los Angeles Clippers won the most favored martyr award last night in the NBA Draft Lottery and, with it, the top pick in the 2009 NBA Draft next month (likely to be Blake Griffin). The Memphis Grizzlies and Oklahoma City Thunder now follow, leaving the Grizzlies to pretend Mike Conley, Jr. is the answer to anything but “Name one theoretically famous Junior” and draft Hasheem Thabeet.

Michael Olowokandi

Oklahoma City, your Ricky Rubio awaits. (Ricky will love the fried bologna sammich at Toby Keith’s I Love This Restaurant a block away from the arena.) A staff containing Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Jeff Green, Rubio, and your dear departed grandmother should be capable of 50 wins in two years. If you find it less ghoulish, we’ll refer to your passed loved one as Nenad Krstic. Same mobility, anyway.

(By the way, please send your love to Sacramento tonight as they had the league’s worst record and washed out with the fourth pick.  And you thought living in Sacramento was punishment enough.)

Sacramento Kings Flip Off The Camera

Your intrepid correspondent pulled into a local sports bar in the Phoenix area just thirty minutes before the NBA Draft Lottery truly started (which was, of course, thirty minutes after it officially kicked off).  That will be the best way to take the pulse of the community regarding the first lottery draft pick for the Phoenix Suns likely to play for the team since Amare Stoudemire, your correspondent said to himself rather self-consciously.

It can be officially reported that the patient is dead; there was no pulse in the greater Phoenix community regarding the draft lottery.  The normally-popular bar was half-empty and the televisions kept being turned from the NBA lottery to practically any other sport.  In fact, the only person to keep half an eye on the proceedings was Dan Majerle’s brother.

Surely, much of the passivity came from having such a slim chance at a top-three pick, but the collected crowd seemed much more interested in the Western Conference Finals for the NBA and NHL.  They chose wisely as the Denver Nuggets couldn’t hold their late lead  against the Los Angeles Lakers and therefore provided another thrilling finish, a 105-103 Lakers victory to kick off the NBA edition of the Western Conference Finals.

George Karl of the Denver Nuggets

Also, game 2 of the NHL edition ended in the first overtime with a 3-2 Detroit Red Wings victory over the Chicago Blackhawks to extend the series lead to 2-0. The ‘Hawks could not stop giving up the puck in the most exposed fashion possible, leading to two breakaway goals, including the three-on-one clincher.  You’d think a battle between a dinosaur and a human would turn out differently.

Chicago Blackhawks Detroit Red Wings

(The bar didn’t care for that result; Arizonans are either transplanted Colorado residents or former Illinoisans.  No love lost for Detroit from either quarter.)

On the other hand, the true locals were left to stew yesterday over news that a federal bankruptcy judge couldn’t bring the NHL or the former and future owners of the Phoenix Coyotes together on a deal regarding the sale of the team and a possible move back to Canada. Instead, he sent both sides into mediation and told them to hash it out themselves. Arena Phoenix Coyotes

Of course, the NHL couldn’t resist putting gun to skate during yesterday’s proceedings.  For starters, the lawyer for the city of Glendale, AZ, had to admit that he’s never been to a Coyotes game.  Then the judge said late in the day, “The NHL is like a dog chasing a car. The question is, ‘What do you do if you catch it?’”  Bury it in Arizona, perhaps?

The relocation hearing in late June won’t answer the question, either; multiple rounds of appeals will surely follow if all sides can’t talk it out.  It all adds up to at least a month of indecision, misdirection, and public proclamations.  It’s not unlike the buildup to the NBA Draft, really.

When Arizonans aren’t paying attention to hockey mirages or 14th picks or UFOs in 2009, they might be taking in this hail of bullet points:

Where should the Phoenix Coyotes end up?

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NBA All-Star Friday: Durant’s Win, HORSE Peek

(Ed. note: The party’s in full swing in Phoenix and SbB correspondent Tuffy reports from a busy Friday night at the NBA All-Star festivities.)

Where Amazing Happens - NBA

It’s damned near impossible to see it all at the NBA All-Star weekend.  Between the varying levels of privilege (catered All-Star tipoff party projecting the TNT feed onto the side of the Arizona Science Center? Off-limits.  Nash’s party? Riiiight… and so on) and the sheer number of activities, you’d need the whole ShamWow kit to absorb all the action in Phoenix this weekend.

The Block Party

That’s despite a drop in sponsor involvement this year (though don’t tell that to T-Mobile; they’ve got everything from the side of the Bank of America Building to free bike-driven rides to T-Mobile subscribers) and an uneasy feeling that this might be the last weekend Phoenix sees its former prodigal Sun.

And now a few words on HORSE-not-HORSE, Kevin Durant’s rookie hazing, and why 3800 kids ordered the Corbin Bleu last night at the Rookie-Sophomore game…
Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Goodnight Sweet Dump Casey Blake

Casey Blake Scary

  • YOU BEEN BLINDED dials up video of Carlos Zambrano getting K-balled in a fast pitch softball league from back in June.
  • MISTER IRRELEVANT eulogizes the loss of Red Lasso, every blogger’s best friend. I, for one, welcome Brian Powell as our new video overlord.

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Blog-O-Romo: Jessica Wants Tony In New Video

• KXAS-TV in Dallas dances up news that Jessica Simpson wants Tony Romo to appear in her new upcoming music video.

Jessica Simpson Tony Romo

• KNUCKLE CURVE tosses along a comedic clip of a hefty Texas Rangers fan falling head over heels for a ballgirl.

• The DAYTON DAILY NEWS is speechless, as Ken Griffey Jr. shuts up a ridiculing mom & her kids by giving them autographed balls.

• CHICAGO BULL cracks a smile at seeing a Google ad for teeth whitening underneath the latest grinning mug shot of Cedric Benson.

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David Stern: All Teenagers Off The Lawn By 2011

He successfully solved the crisis of high school baskeball players taking jobs away from hard-working, American and European blue-collar-with-white-trim ballers. And now NBA commissioner David Stern wants to take that one step further. Well, 12 months further, at least.

Oden and Durant, and the NBA's possible age limit up to 20

(If Stern gets his way, these guys wouldn’t have been draft eligible this past year. Well, okay, Greg Oden still would have been.)

YAHOO! SPORTS’ Kelly Dwyer has no quarrel of the possible rule change that Stern hinted at in a brief interview with TIME MAGAZINE a couple weeks ago. Read more…

NBA Casualty List To Grow Thanks To Olympics?

In quick succession recently, the NBA lost Yao Ming and Dwayne Wade to season-ending injuries. In each case, the player had apparently been struggling through one or more injuries and simply could not risk playing any longer. Also, each player had strong reasons to begin the healing process as soon as possible: Olympic glory.

Yao Ming Dywane Wade Injuries Thanks To Olympics

Yao has extraordinarily strong national responsibilities, but both players have immense marketing muscle behind their athletic efforts under the international spotlight - in the most lucrative emerging consumer market.

Which leaves the obvious question: which players have the most incentive to set aside the remainder of the NBA season to better prepare for Olympic success this summer in Beijing?

Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Pierce Put Upon For Pitbull Neglect

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK puts a leash on Antonio Pierce, as the New York Giant & Michael Vick critic faces his own accusations of animal neglect.

Antonio Pierce New York Giants

• BRUINS NATION checks the laundry, as USC will be wearing home uniforms at the Rose Bowl after all.

• Speaking of controversial clothing, the INDIANAPOLIS STAR dresses down Indiana U. officials for forcing a fan to take off his “Bring Back Bobby” shirt.

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Oversized Oden Dumbfounds Fellow Rookie Durant

Kevin Durant had a special yuletide greeting for Greg Oden when the two NBA rookies met on the Portland hardwood on Christmas Eve:

Greg Oden crutches

Man, you’ve gotten big.”

The SEATTLE TIMES overhears the exchange between the Sonics star & the Blazers’ benchwarmer at the Rose Garden on Tuesday. During his season-long absence due to a knee injury, Oden’s weight has ballooned from 250 to 290 pounds.

The top two draft picks last saw each other at an exhibition game in October, when Oden was still on crutches. Durant’s glad that Oden is a little more mobile this time around, if not a lot more heavier: “It’s good seeing him walking around. But he’s big, though.”

Greg Oden dancing with girl

Looks like Greg needs to revise his workout regimen.

David Stern to Present Sonics Owner To Oklahoma Hall of Fame

STERN TO BE AT SONICS OWNER’S ENTRY INTO OKLA. H.O.F.: David Stern seems to have his mind made up about the Sonics’ possible move to Oklahoma:

David Stern

The SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER reports that the NBA commissioner will be “presenting” Sonics owner Clay Bennett into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame on Thursday night.Bennett has already filed with the league his intentions of moving the Seattle basketball club to the Sooner State.

Stern’s appearance for Bennett indicates that Clay should get the moving trucks ready. The commish has more or less given up his attempts at keeping the team in the Pacific Northwest.

Stern earlier lamented how the city of Seattle has “no heart whatsoever for assisting a Sonics team,” as they thwarted attempts to use taxpayer money for a new arena.

With Stern’s show of support for Bennett, it looks like Kevin Durant & crew will soon(er) be saying, “So long, Starbucks. Hello, barbecue.”