Reggie Bush Fired Agent Because He Wanted Out of Court Settlement

BUSH’S AGENT FIRED OVER NCAA VIOLATIONS LAWSUIT: Reggie Bush fired his agent last week because of allegations of NCAA violations against the running back:

Mike Ornstein Reggie Bush

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that Mike Ornstein was let go over differences of opinion on how to handle charges of wrongdoing. Bush is fighting allegations that he & his family took money & gifts while he was at USC.Two would-be sports marketers hoping to sign Bush made the claims that Reggie accepted the illegal gifts. Ornstein was hoping to settle the lawsuit with the pseudo-agents out of court, but other Bush advisors advised RB to fight the suit.

As the TIMES notes, “Bush could have written a check, signed (plantiff Lloyd) Lake to a confidentiality agreement, and the lawsuit would have evaporated.”

Matt Leinart

Instead, the lawsuit was challenged, the allegations came out, and Ornstein was shown the door. But it didn’t take the agent long to find new work, as Matt Leinart hired him the next day.The only thing stranger than what has happened between Bush, Leinart and Ornstein is if a video of Ornstein dancing with Kerri Strug was posted on the internet.

Oh, wait.