Cheeky Cheerleader Photos Cause Coach To Quit

• Provocative photos of CFL cheerleaders cause a coach to call it quits.

CFL cheerleaders

• Coming to a college campus near you - NCAA-regulated beach volleyball.

LeBron James promises the U.S. will win basketball gold once again.

• Unfortunately for swimmer Jessica Hardy, her chances for Olympic glory have been sunk by a failed drug test.

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Ex-Pat Kenyatta Jones Taken In During Drug Bust

Last time we checked in on Kenyatta Jones, the former Patriots linebacker was trying to urinate on a nightclub’s dance floor. Now Kenyatta must be peeing his pants for real, as he was among the 41 folks arrested in a recent Tampa-area drug bust.

Kenyatta Jones Patriots

The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports that rather than waiting for police to come & take him away, the current Tampa Bay Storm player turned himself in around 4 p..m. Wednesday afternoon. He was placed on the wanted list after authorities saw Jones take part in a drug deal: Read more…

Ex-Pat Pees on Dance Floor, Wrestlemania Is Hot

Don’t be stupid, be a smarty - never videotape your perverted Nazi party.

• Does ex-New England Patriot Kenyatta Jones need a diaper on the dance floor? Depends.

Kenyatta Jones Depend diapers

• It was a hot time at last night’s Wrestlemania, and not just because Floyd Mayweather Jr. won his wrasslin’ debut.

• Anonymous sports cheap shots are only done by unsavory bloggers - and MIAMI HERALD columnist Barry Jackson.

• Looks like this Rays’ bullpen coach has the best seat in the house.

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Former Patriot Kenyatta Jones Might Need Flomax

Keith Niebuhr of the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports this morning that former New England Patriot starter and current Arena Football League player Kenyatta Jones is in trouble, again.

Kenyatta Jones

Previously, Jones has been charged with scalding a roommate with hot water, possession of a concealed firearm and resisting arrest. But based on a Tampa police report at 3:30 this morning, it appears be may have topped (off) those past charges. Read more…