Kenyan Runners Causing Stir With Getting Young Girls Pregnant During Training

KENYAN RUNNERS IN TRAINING GETTING GIRLS PREGNANT: Joggers in Kenya are running into trouble with local girls:

Kenya runner pregnant

The EAST AFRICAN STANDARD reports about runners coming to the North Rift area of the country for training, only for them to get frisky with the local young female populace.The article claims how some of these “quacks” pose as legitimate athletes to the girls, and “enticing” them with money or presents in return for some “companionship”. As a result, cases of the young girls getting pregnant and dropping out of school has risen in the surrounding towns.

Kenya schoolchildren

Parents and citizens are demanding that the country’s athletic agency do something about the risque runners. But a local official puts the blame of the unexpected births back on Mom & Dad:”It is the parents who have abandoned their responsibilities. A responsible parent should take care of his children and ensure they grow up with dignity.”

Kid drinking Budweiser beer

Best of all was his reason why such girls have fallen into pregnant predicaments: “Most parents were engaged in brewing and consumption of illicit brews, hence, do not have time for their children.”