HOFer Bunning Has Foundation Benefitting Himself

You might be familiar with wacky Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning, who also happens to be a Hall-of-Fame pitcher (well, Veterans Committee, so not really a Hall-of-Famer). He’s not particularly popular in his home state these days (28% approval rating as of April), and now THE HILL has detailed how Bunning has been using a loophole to pay himself for signing autographs — which is against Senate ethics rules.

Jim Bunning

According to the story, Bunning established the Jim Bunning Foundation, which raises money through Bunning’s appearances at memorabilia shows and other events where Bunning signs autographs. The thing is, Bunning’s foundation seems to have Jim Bunning as its main beneficiary — he has received more money in “salary” from it than it has ever donated to charity.

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