NFL Laf: Breaking Down Irvin’s Nostril Breakdown

Current Ole Miss football player Kentrell Lockett Tweeted this NFL Draft and media analysis last night on his Twitter account:

Kentrell Lockett Tweets About The NFL Draft

(Account hacked? Katt Williams wanted for questioning.)

Lockett also provided an insightful observation about his former teammate, Jevan Snead, among other things. Read more…

Is Ole Miss PAT Block This Year’s Bush Push?

As far as Urban Meyer is concerned, Florida’s game-tying PAT attempt in the fourth quarter of their 31-30 upset loss to Ole Miss on Saturday wasn’t the result of a poor kick or a mix-up in the line. He’s pointing the finger at Kentrell Lockett, the Rebels player who blocked the kick, saying he used an illegal move to make the play.

Kentrell Lockett

Meyer told the GAINESVILLE SUN that Lockett “hurdled” the line to get to the kicker, a play that is technically illegal. Shades of the Bush Push, anyone? Video of the play after the jump. The blocked PAT is about 50 seconds in (after jump): Read more…