Big Brown’s Trainer Throws Jockey Under Horse

Rick Dutrow, Jr., trainer of Big Brown and known sufferer of Verbal Diarrhea Disorder (VDD), took his last opportunity in the limelight before horse racing gets tossed back into the media hamper for another nine months to blame someone else for Big Brown’s lost Triple Crown package delivery Saturday.

Rick Dutrow, Jr.

Since the owners pay his salary and the tracks let him train and could offer him paydays down the road, he lashed out at the only safe target: the jockey. Jockey Kent Desormeaux pulled Big Brown up to avoid hurting the horse after finding no final kick in the beast. After the race, Desormeaux said, “I had no horse. He was empty.”

Dutrow’s response? “I don’t see the horse with a problem, so I have to direct my attention toward the ride. That’s all I can come up with.”

We’ll take “the horse didn’t work out for three weeks before the longest race of its life” for $100,000, Alex.

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Big Brown Trainer Talking Smack Before Belmont

Big Brown is one Belmont Stakes win away from capturing horse racing’s elusive Triple Crown. And trainer Rick Dutrow Jr. sounds very confident in his steed. In fact, he’s down right arrogant.

Rick Dutrow Jr. Big Brown

ESPN looks a gift horse trainer in the mouth, as Dutrow took a swipe at the competition Wednesday. Casino Drive is being talked about as the best bet to beat Big Brown at the Belmont. But Dutrow isn’t buying it:

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Big Brown Wins Again, Sexy Retirement Awaits

Winning two of the biggest high-profile horse races back-to-back? Good.

Big Brown Kent Desormeaux Horse Racing Thumbs Up

Getting a 50-million dollar deal to spend your retirement impregnating the ladies? Better. Read more…