Charles Barkley Gets ‘Catty’ On ‘Inside The NBA’

One of the time-honored traditions in most forms of sports broadcasting is the shout-out to/thanking of the production staff at the end of games. It’s a nice little gesture to let audiences know that it takes much more than a couple of talking heads to put on a sportscasts; none of the blowhards on camera could do their thing without the producers, directors, cameramen, and other hard-working people behind the scenes. TNT’s INSIDE THE NBA, however, ain’t “most forms” of broadcasting, and loudmouth Charles Barkley ain’t “most broadcasters.”

Charles Barkley


After last night’s game, a 103-90 Orlando Magic beatdown of the Cavs that sent the Magic to the NBA Finals and signaled the end of the season’s TNT NBA broadcasts, the INSIDE THE NBA crew assembled to thank their production staff. Everything went fine until Sir Charles let loose, calling executive producer Tim Kiely … well, a “cat”, in a manner of speaking. Video impropriety, including an unprovoked potshot at Kenny Smith’s family jewels, after the jump.

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Cleveland Video Guy Takes On “Inside The NBA”

Mike Polk is making a name for himself among convention & visitors bureau circles, thanks to his hilarious hastily-made Cleveland tourism videos. And now Mr. Polk is working his musical magic for the “Inside The NBA” crew, as he takes aim at Ernie, Kenny, Reggie & Chuck:

(Video courtesy of THE SCORES REPORT)

Funniest thing I’ve seen since Kenny’s attempt at Kobe’s car leap & Frank Caliendo’s impersonations of Sir Charles.

Collins Not Coming Back to Chicago; Suns Maybe?

It’s been quite a week for sports reversals. First, Bill Parcells & Tony Sparano both want Jason Taylor back with the Dolphins, after earlier shunning the Dancing Fool. And now, Doug Collins blows off his chance to come back to the Windy City.

Doug Collins Sports Illustrated Cover

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports that the one-time Bulls coach will remain a one-timer, as Collins changed his mind about filling in the head coaching vacancy.

So, is Doug’s departure good news for the still-coachless Suns?

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Kenny Smith Takes A Crack At Kobe’s Car Jump

By now, we’ve all seen Kobe Bryant’s jacked-up jump over a speeding Aston Martin. Although it was quite a video treat - thanks, Hollywood! - it’s still a dangerous stunt to actually attempt. Even at the start of his own clip, the Lakers star had warned viewers not to try it themselves.

Kobe Car Jump Kenny Smith

Apparently, Kenny Smith wasn’t listening. The “Inside The NBA” co-host figured if Kobe could coast over a car, why couldn’t he? So, Smith brought along a TNT camera crew, slipped on his styling sneakers, and readied himself for the big leap forward.

How did he do? Check out the video after the jump.

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