ESPN’s ‘Mayne Street’ Is Amusing, If Not Original

Kenny Mayne’s new web comedy premiered today on, which worried me, since the last time they gave an ESPN personality their own online “show”, we ended up with the Sports Guy cartoons.

Mayne Street

(Kenny Mayne as a SportsCenter anchor? What a concept!)

But the first episode of “Mayne Street” isn’t so bad, even if it’s based on a joke we’ve seen before. Mayne is a guy who’s had the same shtick for years, and it’s not changing. Either you think his act is funny or you don’t.

The premise of the show is that Mayne plays a bumbling SportsCenter anchor who can’t seem to do anything right. Not a stretch by any means, but a set-up that should provide easy opportunities for a few laughs. The real star of the premiere, however, is Scott Van Pelt, who basically steals the show from the star.

Link to the show after the jump.

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Melons Gal Clears Up Mindy McClemens Confusion

If Danica & Ashley show up in “Speed Racer 2“, then we might go see it.

• A well-meaning “Melons” waitress helps clear the confusion about Roger Clemens mackin’ on a 15-year-old Mindy McCready.

Mindy McCready Roger Clemens Red Sox

• Ex-KC Chiefs kicker Nick Lowery is getting ready to marry to a major MILF - annnnnd it’s good!

• Having Richard Jefferson show up for a birthday celebration gets a party host all choked up.

Kenny Mayne’s got a book out. Someday we may read it.

John Wooden. Vin Scully. One night. One stage. Be there.

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An Incomplete, Inaccurate Review Of Kenny’s Book

Like all of us, I like Kenny Mayne. I think his deadpan delivery belongs on TV, and I hope he stays good and long at ESPN. I like mentioning him because it gives me the opportunity to roll out a Buster Keaton reference - which is who he reminds me of (next up: Scott Van Pelt as Harold Lloyd!).

Kenny Mayne Book

(Buy it, we dare ya)

Kenny also reminds me of that quirky rock band that every major record label once had. No one bought their albums, but because that was a time when record companies actually made a lot of money, the add-on ensemble was a feather for those occupying the company penthouse.

I also want you to buy his new book, “An Incomplete and Inaccurate History of Sport“. At least if you want to. I’m not here to deter you on that whatsoever (notice the pained, mixed signals?).

The last few weeks, a lot of us bloggers were emailed 3-4 times by Kenny’s publisher’s PR outfit, which cooked up some semi-lame gadgets to promote the book (ex. one email had Kenny declaring himself eligible for the NFL Draft). We mention this not to mock Kenny. If we were trying to move a book, we’d probably try something similar. Something, anything to get people to notice our offering in the now-noisy, well-read blogosphere. Read more…

Finding The Mayne Attraction About ESPN’s Kenny

A.J. Daulerio of DEADSPIN had the recent fortune of sitting down for a chummy chat with ESPN personality Kenny Mayne.

Kenny Mayne Point Of View

The stoic, deadpan, “Yahtzee!”-screaming, kayak-riding Dancer with the Stars was the first subject for the website’s newest venture, “Interviews of a Lifetime” - a feature that will do for sports blogging what “Who’s Now” did for sports television.

But we kid the Deadspinning staff.

So, why did Kenny agree to do the interview? Money? Prestige? The fact he has a book coming out entitled “An Incomplete & Inaccurate History of Sport” which hits bookstores on April 22? The world may never know.

Anyway, some fun facts Daulerio dragged out of Mayne’s mind:

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Mark Cuban To Appear On Dancing With The Stars

CUBAN CHA-CHA’S HIS WAY ONTO REALITY DANCE SHOW: Mark Cuban and Wayne Newton will finally duke it out on the dance floor:

Mark Cuban drunk

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED waltzes in with news that the Dallas Mavericks owner will be appearing in the next upcoming season of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars”. Cuban will be following in the footsteps of past performers such as Clyde Drexler, Laila Ali and ESPN anchor Kenny Mayne.

The series follows 10 couples of paired-up celebrities and professional dancers as they trip the light fantastic before they trip up and off the show.

Cuban will be competing against such luminaries as former “90210″ star Jennie Garth, ex-Spice Girl Melanie Brown, and who’s sure to become his greatest rival - Las Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton.

Wayne Newton

Should be fun to hear the trash talk between these two!

Jamie Mottram Responds to AOL Criticism Kenny Mayne Writes Book

• Jamie Mottram of MR. IRRELEVANT reckons a response to STOP MIKE LUPICA’s critique of AOL FANHOUSE:

Jamie Mottram Stop Mike Lupica guy

• THE GHOSTS OF WAYNE FONTES gets out of committee and gives the sports blogosphere its quarterly review.

• Darren Rovell of CNBC reports the unfortunate news for Nike: A new Michael Vick Nike shoe “is scheduled to launch in two colorways on August 23 and the suggested retail price is $100. The shoes will likely arrive at retailers in three weeks.

• THE SPORTING ORANGE gets its benjamins in order as Steve Spurrier launches his pay website:

Spurrier Benjamins

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING gets writer’s cramp in telling us that Kenny Mayne plans to pen a book.

• THE SPORTS HERNIA gets its tummy a-rumblin’ with these lesser-known stadium snack concessions:

Ballpark Nachos

• SPORTS SQUEE has something for the ladies, as they rank the hottest quarterbacks in the NFL.

• PART MULE nabs a pair of brothers grabbing the bull by the horns - well, actually, it’s the other way around:

Bull Brothers

• RAISE THE W FLAG believes Barry Bonds didn’t want to make history at Wrigley Field.

• AOL FANHOUSE gets humped up about the new sport of camel wrestling:

Camel Clutch Joe Camel

• CORN NATION has their rankings of the Big 12 football coaches most likely to be fired.

Kenny Mayne Point Of View Boogercam


Kenny Mayne Pont Of View

Popovich Pops For Pricey Wine

• CNBC’s Darren Rovell spots Spurs coach Gregg Popovich popping for pricey wine in Paris:

Gregg Popovich Paris Wine

• Hey now, SI’s Arash Markazi, you’re an All-Star, get your game on, go play.

• PART MULE speaks now on the news that Terrell Owens doesn’t hold his peace at a Cabo wedding:

Terrell Owens French poster

• ASTROS DAILY has the story of Larry Yount, Robin’s brother who never got to play in a major league game.

• THE SPORTS HERNIA rocks the boat as Kenny Mayne’s Kayak-Cam is all wet:

Kenny Mayne Kayak

• GOLF BLOGGER notes that it takes a lot of balls to take a lot of balls.

• has found a new fan in George Brett:

George Brett pine tar

• NBX SPORTS ACTION DAILY thinks Bud’s butt should be in the seats when Barry breaks the HR record.

• ASSIST NEWS SERVICE would like to see David Beckham go to church while he’s in LA:

Beckham Church

• ARMCHAIR GM needs your vote in selecting the best athlete & celebrity look-a-likes.

Jason Witten Mom Arrested ESPN Sucks Kobe Flea

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT knows it’s bad in the NFL when the players’ *mothers* are posing for mugshots:

Jason Witten Mom

• ARMCHAIR GM takes a twist on the ESPYs, as they ask fans to vote for the Worst of the Worldwide Leader.

• As long as you’re in a democratic mood, THE PIG PEN lets you hit the polls again for their take on “Who’s Now?”:

Kenny Mayne Colonel Sanders

• THE BURIED LEAD discovers what Barry Bonds will be doing instead of hitting in the hometown Home Run Derby - hangin’ with Jay-Z.

• SPORTS HERNIA fondly remembers Jeremy Roenick, the Sega Years:

Roenick NHL 94

• A PRICE ABOVE BIP ROBERTS salutes the next big sports showcase - America’s Cup Gladiators.

• BIG LAKERS FAN sees Flea’s plea for Ko-be not to flee:

Kobe Flea

• THE BIG LEAD enjoys the smooth singing sensations of Boy George…er, Eddie George.

• RIVALFISH puts some money in the swear jar, as they relive Ozzie Guillen’s Top 10 Quotes:

Ozzie A-Rod

• This closed captioner must be an SC or Michigan fan, as SEDANO SHOW views Brady Quinn, Player of the “Queer”.

Kenny Mayne Brightest Star Of Soon To Be Dumped ABC Reality Show

MAYNE IS STAR OF SOON-TO-BE-CANCELLED ABC SHOW: John Maynard of the WASHINGTON POST tips us off that ABC’s “Fast Cars & Superstars: Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race” is complete doo-doo.

Kenny Mayne

The show, which is intended to capture the same ratings magic as “Dancing With The Stars”, fails miserably - mainly because the strapped-in celebs only engage in time trials and never actually race each other (wot?!).

William Shatner

As you might expect, a sampling of the star lineup is about as bright as a Florida State coed columnnist: (A very bloated) Bill Shatner, (A very bloated) Serena Willians, Krista Allen (?), and Laird Hamilton (?).

Krista Allen

And you know you’ve got a water-logged bottle rocket on your hands when the high point of the production is weeded out ever-witty show host Kenny Mayne.

Kenny Mayne

Maynard: “The real star is ESPN announcer Kenny Mayne, himself a former ‘Dancing With the Stars’ contestant; he co-hosts with racing aficionado and former NBA all-star Brad Daugherty. The ever-hyper Mayne is full of hyperbole, calling Elway a “Jedi warrior on the course” and uttering more than once that Hamilton is “out of his mind.