Nebraska’s Nudie Wrestlers Kicked Off Of Team

Over the last few days, University of Nebraska wrestlers Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan have gotten quite a bit more attention that college wrestlers are used to. That tends to happen when you start posing nude for gay porn sites, which is exactly what the two grapplers did for FRATMEN.COM.

Nebraska Wrestlers kicked off team

Unfortunately for the two young men, showing your penis on the internet doesn’t fit the type of image that Nebraska would like their athletes to portray. Which is why after discussing the matter internally at the school over the last few days, the school has decided to kick both wrestlers off the team.

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Photos of Neb. Wrestlers Pop Up On Gay Porn Site

A friend of mine used to wrestle back in high school while I chose to spend my time playing football. We would often argue about which sport was manlier, as teenage boys are so often trying to prove to each other who the real man is (Though this doesn’t really change much as we grow older, does it?). Obviously, my main mode of attack on wrestling was that it featured two men wearing a body suit grappling with each other on the ground. I would often say that watching a wrestling match was just about the same thing as watching gay porn.

Nebraska Wrestlers Gay Porn

Turns out it isn’t. No, watching wrestling is nothing like gay porn. Wrestlers posing for pictures on a gay porn website, that’s almost the same thing as gay porn. Which is exactly what two wrestlers at the University of Nebraska have done for the website

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