Foot Amputated, 7′7″ Hoopster Out For Season

UNC Asheville’s Kenny George, the tallest player in college basketball at 7′7″, reportedly has had a foot amputated following a staph infection.

Kenny George

Perhaps most interesting about this story is that this is apparently only seen as a temporary setback, as he is only confirmed to be out for this season. Read more…

7-foot-7 B-Ball Player Finds It Hard To Get Around

Jason King of YAHOO SPORTS writes on the traveling travails of Kenny George, the 7-foot-7 center for UNC Asheville.

Kenny George 7-7 basketball player

When the Bulldogs hit the road, the team bus has to take out two seats to let Kenny stretch his legs. He could try to drive himself to game, but he doesn’t have a license - because he’s too big to fit behind the wheel of a car.

When the Bulldogs rest up the night before a game, Kenny has to sleep diagonally on the hotel beds. Even his schoolwork is affected by his big frame, as he often has to sit on classroom floors because he’s too big for the chairs.

George laments, “There are times that I wish I weren’t so tall.” But things are looking up, so to speak.

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