Announcer: Urinal Cake Unfrosted After 20 Innings!

Bob Raissman of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, via Jimmy Traina of’s Hot Clicks, points a considerable tract of his most recent piece on New York media to the urinary dilemma that faced Mets announcers Kenny Albert and Tim McCarver during the Mets-Cardinals 20-inning game last Saturday.

Kenny Albert Cake Boss

In the 17th inning, Kenny Albert, Fox’s play-by-play voice, informed viewers that his partner, Tim McCarver, had left the booth in the seventh inning. Albert did not specify if T-Mac took a pause for the cause, but those familiar with the situation say he did. Albert also reported: “I have not left the booth in 17 innings.”

At that very moment, all chances of Albert landing that big-bucks Flomax endorsement deal went down the tubes. What was not known at the time is that Albert is practiced in the “art” of retention. In July 1998, he worked a 17-inning Indians-Mariners game and did not once visit a Kingdome bathroom.

“And I did not go during the entire game (Saturday),” Albert said yesterday.

How is he able to do (or not do) this?

“It’s all mental,” he proclaimed. Read more…

Kenny Albert Has A Really Obvious Freudian Slip

TV announcers have a job that’s obviously a lot tougher than it seems: professional talking. It must be tough because the football world, both professional and college, has about four people who are any good at it.

Titans Cheerleaders
(This is a story about boobs. I mean football. Boobs.)

One of them is definitely not Kenny Albert, who seems to react to a shot of the Tennessee cheerleaders by calling Green Bay the “Knockers.”

Video is after the jump: Read more…