Erin Andrews Suing Sites Over Sex Tape Rumors?

ESPN 540 in Milwaukee, via, today interviewed Erin Andrews. As usual, Andrews fielded the obligatory inquiries about her reax to internet postings about her.

Erin Andrews Kendra Andrews

(Erin Andrews with sister Kendra)

Normally she answers those questions with diplomatic pap. But this time she wasn’t quite so nonchalant about it. Read more…

Stop The Presses: Erin Andrews Has A Hot Sister

Whilst perusing Dan Patrick’s SPORTS ILLUSTRATED blog, I came across this: “Dan watched the BCS title game with Erin Andrews and her sister in a private suite last night. Not bad.” Whoawhoawhoawhoa … Back. The. F. Up. Erin Andrews has a sister? This obviously begs the question, is she hot?

Kendra Andrews

Yes. Yes she is.

Thanks to BUSTED COVERAGE for the scoop of the century. This could be the Pentagon Papers of the sports blogosphere. Now when someone says Andrews Sisters, I won’t be picturing this anymore.

Pics after the jump.

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