NFL Star Shames Ex-Teammate About Allegation

Tuesday I broke the news that former Auburn football player Stanley McClover claimed in an interview with HBO Real Sports that he received extra benefits in violation of NCAA rules from a former Auburn assistant coach when the two were at the school.

Ronnie Brown calls out Stanley McClover

Wednesday I reported that McClover was subsequently wavering on his claim about the former Auburn assistant coach after his former high school coach disputed his story.

In remarks to Charles Goldberg of the BIRMINGHAM NEWS today, current NFL and ex-Auburn football star Ronnie Brown essentially called out his former Auburn teammate McClover for his comments to HBO.

Brown to Goldberg about his recent conversations about McClover:

“He had told me that HBO had come to him and wanted to do a piece on should athletes get paid, and I said, ‘Oh.’

“And then Stanley said, ‘They’re going to do something on my charity.’ And I said, ‘That’s cool. That’s a good way to get the charity out there.’

“I found out that Stanley was talking about he had a choice to go to different colleges, and one of the reasons he chose Auburn was because they offered him money. So I called him. I said, ‘Whoa, what is this? What is this about?’ Read more…

Sources: Coach, School Dispute McClover Claim

Yesterday I reported that former Auburn football player Stanley McClover recently told HBO Real Sports that when he was a current player at Auburn, he received extra benefits from a former Auburn assistant coach that would be considered in violation of NCAA rules.

Stanley McClover accused Auburn of NCAA violations on HBO Real Sports

I’ve since learned more specifics about the situation from multiple sources familiar with the HBO production. Read more…