Marcus Vick Vanquished By Virginia Bicycle Cops

Brooks can’t decide on dinner tonight - A Hardee’s Thickburger, or a bag of Flame-Broiled Burger King potato chips?

• You know why Marcus Vick is such a bust? He gets caught by bike cops.

Marcus Vick bicycle cop

• A Texas high school football coach takes a gamble on pawning his players’ equipment.

• $60 will get you a leg up on joining the Memphis Grizzlies dance team.

• Is Dallas Cowboy Ken Hamlin trying to corral some sex online?

• A St. Louis Cardinals draft pick gets called up - for combat duty.

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Site Claim: Dallas Cowboy Trolling For Sex Online

Cowboys safety Ken Hamlin is known for his coverage skills, but as it turns out, he doesn’t mind getting beat deep once in awhile - if his alleged adult dating site profile is any indication:

Ken hamlin sex ad

An image bearing the likeness of the Pro Bowler was found on an online “AdultFriendFinder” profile, under the name mediumwell365. And you’ll be shocked to know that the current mood of whomever is behind the profile is “Horny“. Read more…