Lesbians And Sheep Poop. Yes, You Will Read This

Oh, hello. Welcome to SbB. We have lots to talk about. Like lesbians! Everyone likes them, particularly the versions in male movie directors’ imaginations and not the actual ones that do things like, y’know, grow older than 26. Good, everyone on board? Now let’s bring in sheep doo-doo. Annnnd there goes… wait, nobody’s leaving? God, you people are sick.

Gay Sheep
(Okay, the sheep itself is not a lesbian. It might not even be a lady sheep. This being Maine, however, it wants to show its support anyway.)

This story comes to us courtesy of the coastal areas of Maine, land of … Bangors and mash. I dunno. Kelly Jo Cookson, a softball coach in Brewer, has sued the school district, claiming she was dismissed on account of her sexual orientation. The school district disagrees just a bit, according to the BANGOR DAILY* NEWS, claiming an incident at a team picnic made things just a bit more uncomfortable than any sexual orientation ever could:   Read more…