Now Jets Owner & GM Want Favre To Call It Quits

Another day, another way for Jets fans to twist and turn: According to the NEWARK STAR-LEDGER, team owner Woody Johnson and GM Mike Tannenbaum have tired of the Brett Favre comeback storyline and just want him to retire already.

favre super jet

(A future entry in THE FAIL BLOG: Brett Favre Super Jet.)

Here’s what an anonymous Jets insider told Dave Hutchinson of the STAR-LEDGER:

“If Favre says he’s not coming back, I don’t know if that would be a great disappointment. … I think Woody and Mike are upset (with Favre’s late-season play) to a point, especially Woody. But I think they have to handle the situation with care. They’re not going to say publicly they don’t want Favre back, but privately I’m not so sure.”

It’s a stunning shift from the team’s approach before the season, when Favre was viewed as a panacea to both becoming competitive and financially lucrative. When Favre seemed to hit stride in midseason, Jets officials were so busy slapping each other — and NFL execs — on the back in the tunnel under Gilette Stadium they had no time to comprehend a potential meltdown.

Now that the inevitable “meltdown by hubris” has come, the team is left with a precarious diplomatic situation, with no real blueprint on how to act (note to Woody Johnson: Don’t follow the “Green Bay 2008″ program. Didn’t go over so well).

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Pennington to Dolphins, Will Face Jets In Week 1

Chad Pennington, recently run out of New York to make way for Brett Favre and his ego, has signed with the AFC East rival Dolphins. He spent last season sharing the quarterback duties with Kellen Clemens, and the two were battling for the starting gig during the first week of training camp.

Chad Pennington headed to Miami

Then Favre happened, the City went into a frenzy, and Pennington was unceremoniously dismissed. And although the former Marshall star is now part of a franchise that won a whopping one game last season, he has two things going for him.

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Favre Heading Back To The Bay, Next Stop Jets?

Despite all of Roger Goodell’s kind gestures to the Ted Thompson (re: do something with Brett Favre now before I “Tank Johnson” your entire team), and despite the Packers wiretapping their QB, the grizzled old gunslinger is still a Green Bay Packer.

Favre Espy

And it appears, as reported by Adam Schefter at NFL.COM, that Favre has no intentions of leaving the team alone - or letting Aaron Rodgers ever live like a normal first round draft pick and, you know, get to play. Because, yes, he does intend to report to training camp, and is warming up his fax machine to send the Commish a letter of reinstatement.

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Call It: Jets Flip Coin To Determine Starting QB

You have two quarterbacks that could start for your team. One quarterback is crappy. You know this. The other quarterback might be crappy, but he might be pretty good. You’re not sure about him yet. So do you go back and study film on each player? Grade each one on throwing mechanics, reading defenses, and his understanding of the game plan?

Jets Fan

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Wade Star-Gazing?; Rose Not So Sweet After Fight

Wrigleyville merchants selling offensive t-shirts? Bet they reply, “Me so solly!”

Dwyane Wade dating Star Jones? How in the world did this happen?

Dwyane Wade Star Jones

Derrick Rose isn’t looking so good for the NBA Draft, after losing a fight with a guy over a gal.

Marty Brennaman, tell us how you really feel about Cubs fans.

• Turns out Will Perdue is not a big fan of sports bloggers. Will Mark Cuban offer him a contract?

• Buy me some peanuts and turkey testicles, I don’t care if I ever get back…

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Pope Benedict Should Bless Entire Sports World

Manny Acta’s office wasn’t the only thing tangentially connected to the sports world to receive the divine blessing of Pope Benedict XVI, as Jets quarterback Kellen Clemens had his newborn daughter blessed by the pontiff during His Popeliness’ visit to Nationals Park, the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports.

“Not pictured: People relevant to this story. But, hey, cute girl!”

Clemens “was moved to tears Thursday after Pope Benedict XVI blessed and kissed his newborn daughter, Kate Elizabeth, following Benedict’s two-hour, open-air Mass at Nationals Park.Benedict was greeting some of the more than 45,000 in attendance when he came upon Clemens, his wife, Nicole, and their nearly 4-week-old baby, who were sitting on the aisle in one of the rows of floor seating.

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