Five Years Later, Bartman Still Lives With Parents

It seems that in America, everyone who has their 15 minutes of fame manages to get a little bit of green out of it. This is no matter how talentless or despicable they are - hell, Kato Kaelin is still on my TV! But that’s not how life worked for Steve Bartman. Five years after his infamous foul ball run-in with Moises Alou in Game 6 of the NLCS, the PALM BEACH POST says that Bartman’s life is shockingly similar to what it was before: still working at an international consulting firm and still living at home with his parents.

Steve Bartman

It would be harsh to speculate on why Bartman is still living at home, or about his dating life. But come on: it must be hell trying to get a date in Chicago if you are Steve Bartman. First dates are tough enough already - imagine trying to make awkward chit-chat with this horrible moment hanging over like a dark cloud. If you’re his date, do you just address it right away? “So, what was it like having mobs chase you around Chicago like you were Frankenstein’s monster and Moises Alou was a peasant girl by the river?

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Blog Jam: Cooley’s Wife Shows Off Lovely T-Shirt

• DC SPORTS BOG puts on news that Chris Cooley’s wife Christy shows love for her Redskins hubby through the medium of t-shirt messages.

Chris Cooley wife Christy t-shirt

Wonder if she’ll sport a similar shirt for new arrival Jason Taylor.

• How would you celebrate a walk-off home run? THE FIGHTINS’ finds the Marlins’ Jorge Cantu doing it by tugging a teammate’s testes.

• Luckily, DEUCE OF DAVENPORT discovers a product that could provide some penile comfort to Cantu’s tuggee, Scott Olsen.

• THE BEAUTIFUL GAME calls foul, as a Portuguese soccer team apparently gets away with trying to bribe the referees. Couldn’t the club have just distracted the officials by planting their pretty fans along the pitch?

Euro 2008 Portugal girl

• How far will you go for free beer? The MADISON (WI) CAPITAL TIMES unearths about 250 baseball fans willing to eat beetles for bonus brews.

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