Oregon Cheerleader Struck By ‘Zona Bottle Speaks

As part of its cheerleader of the week photo featurette, SI.com has the first comments from Oregon cheerleader Katelynn Johnson since she sustained a concussion. While on the field following the Arizona-Oregon game in Tucson, Johnson was struck in the head by a bottle.

Katelynn Johnson Oregon Cheerleader Struck By Bottle At Arizona

Johnson revealed that she actually lost consciousness for some time after she hit in the head by the projectile, which was launched from a fan in the Arizona stadium stands.

Katelynn Johnson


 Everyone was on the sideline celebrating and it was such a great rush, but as we started to see items flying at us, the celebrating turned into a panic/fear.

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Oregon Cheerleader Hit By Bottle Was Hospitalized

After the Arizona-Oregon game in Tucson Saturday night, Oregon cheerleader Katelynn Johnson was, while still on the field, struck in the head by a full water bottle apparently thrown from the stands.

Katelynn Johnson

The PORTLAND OREGONIAN sets the “terrifying scene” Saturday night:

Oregon senior associate athletic director Joe Giansante, who announced the Ducks’ television replay broadcast in the corner of the field where Johnson was hit, said several items were being thrown toward Oregon players after the game.

“As the team was coming in, they were getting bombarded with water bottles, batteries, and various other items coming out of the stands,” Giansante said. “We were yelling at everybody to keep their heads up, but one got through and hit Katelynn in the head. All the kids (on the cheerleading team) are scared, but hopefully she’ll be OK.”

Brutal, inexcusable behavior by the Arizona fans.

Johnson sustained a concussion but has since been released from a Tucson hospital and returned home to Eugene.

Katelynn Johnson

The ARIZONA DAILY STAR reports that University of Arizona police have every intention of finding the person who injured the Oregon cheerleader and charging them with a crime. Read more…