Week In Review: Witt Wants Winter Games in Ger.

• We’re keeping abreast of ex-figure skating champ Katarina Witt’s efforts to bring the 2018 Winter Olympics to Munich.

Katarina Witt

The IOC would have to be a bunch of boobs not to hear her out.

• New blood tests reveal that Steve McNair was probably passed out drunk when he was shot & killed by Sahel Kazemi.

• Can’t Michael Jordan go throught at least one round of golf without being bothered by a giant inflatable penis?

• Secret video of Jordan Crawford dunking on LeBron James is finally released - in two versions, even! The final review: Meh.

• ESPN doesn’t feel like making news about the rape allegations aimed at Ben Roethlisberger. Why not? The accuser seems newsworthy enough.

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Katarina Witt Rekindling Her Winter Olympic Spirit

Katarina Witt wants to get back into the Olympics. But she’s not exactly lacing up her skates & hitting the ice again. The former world figure skating champion & Playboy poser is trying to bring the Winter Games back to her native Germany.

Katarina Witt

SPORTS BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL reports that Witt was named head of the Munich 2018 Bid Committee, a 23-member organization hoping to have the Olympics back in Bavaria. Munich previously hosted the Summer Olympics in 1972, while Garmisch-Partenkirchen - the town that Katarina’s committee plans to co-host some of the events - was the site of the 1936 Winter Olympics.

So, why should the IOC listen to her? Some photographic reasons why after the jump.

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Katarina’s Playboy Past Too Provocative For ESPN

We’re a little camera shy, so we’ll take our next Philippe order to go.

• Is Katarina Witt’s Playboy past too worrisome for the Worldwide Leader?

Katarina Witt skating

Bruce Pearl uses the ol’ hug excuse to text Erin Andrews. Does this guy know how to operate or what?

• A funny photo of Kyle Korver cowering on the court.

David Stern puts the hammer down on homer TV announcers.

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ESPN.com Edits Witt’s Nudie *Accomplishments*?

Sad news today, as noted nudie model and champion figure skater Katarina Witt is retiring from professional skating. The news will no doubt have internet surfers across several continents at full half-mast today.

Katarina Witt

We found the ESPN.com news services report about Ms. Witt’s decision, which cites the ASSOCIATED PRESS as a source, rather amusing. The ESPN.com story makes no mention of her 1998 nude pictorial in PLAYBOY, which was prominently mentioned in the original AP report. Apparently an editor at ESPN.com didn’t think her nudie model appearance was noteworthy.

On the contrary, her amazing Playboy spread is the sole reason why we have any reaction whatsoever to her retirement today. Along with millions of others, we’re guessing. Read more…

Amanda Beard Nude Playboy Photos Posted; Getting Good, Bad, Indifferent Reaction

GOOD, BAD, INDIFFERENT REAX TO BEARD POSING NUDE: PLAYBOY recently announced that U.S. Olympic swimming Gold Medalist Amanda Beard will strip off her Speedo and pose “for a mouth-watering layout.”

Amanda Beard Nude Playboy Photos

Beard isn’t the first high-profile female athlete to be bought enticed into working in the softcore porn industry.

Katarina Witt Gabriella Reece Nude Photos

Legendary figure skater Katarina Witt has long posed nude, along with volleyball giant Gabriella Reece.

Amanda Beard photos

WITH LEATHER reports that some in the female sports community aren’t happy about Beard’s decision and AOL FANHOUSE notes that an internal debate over her nude spread is raging in the competitive swimming community - as to the negative effect it may have on the sport.

Amanda Beard Nude Playboy Photos

So reaction so far is good, bad and indifferent. Having seen Beard’s already plentiful hyper-racy images in various Men’s mags already, you can classify us in the latter category.