Bonehead Busch’s Bristol Revenge Plan Backfires

Kyle Busch had a bad week: first he had to deal with the distraction of Joe Gibbs Racing getting caught cheating (even though it wasn’t his car). And on Saturday night, he lost more than once at Bristol during the NASCAR Nextel Cup race. As the AP reported, he was passed by rival Carl Edwards with a few laps to go to finish second, despite having had the dominating car all race long (in fact he led 415 consecutive laps in the 500 lap race).

Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch

Then, to make matters worse, his attempts at revenge blew up in his face - he ran into Edwards on the cool down lap, only to be the one who wound up spun out. You would think that if he ever watched the Laff-A-Lympics, he would have known that kind of chicanery and tomfoolery never worked for The Really Rottens.

Video of the incident after the jump.

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NASCAR Items: A Down Payment for a Murder Plot

Your local yellow pages doesn’t feature a “Hitman” or “Murder for Hire” section, but if it did my guess is none of the ads would include the phrase “We accept cash, check, credit card and Kasey Kahne collectible pins.”

NASCAR collection

Today’s PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE introduces us to Allen Bridges, 53 and his 18 year-old son Jacob of Everett, PA who were unaware of the fact that NASCAR memorabilia is not an accepted form of currency.

Allen, who was already locked up in Bedford County jail on charges of selling the powerful painkiller, fentanyl, was in need of a hitman to take out witness testifying against him. The down payment received for such services would be “a bulging black trash bag” containing a portion of Allen’s NASCAR collection. Read more…

Bloggy Bag: Charlie Weis Will Shoot You Dead

  • FANHOUSE has the scoop on the Notre Dame coach’s latest recruiting weapon, er, tool.

Charlie Weis Gun

This Bud’s For Me: Kahne Wins All-Star Race

Kasey Kahne said he was ready to sit at home and watch the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race on his couch.

Kasey Kahne NASCAR

He would later learn that instead of sitting in front of his TV, he’d be sitting behind the wheel. Read more…